Timothy Olyphant Discusses Raylan’s Future in TV Guide



by Penny Clift

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February 17th issue of TV Guide features a story by Oriana Schwindt entitled “A Lawman for all Seasons”.  It asks the question as Justified rides towards its last roundup, will Timothy Olyphant’s Marshal still wear a white hat?

The article touches on the deep divide that has come between Raylan and Chief Deputy Art Mullen.  Olyphant states that the theme of professionalism is a big part of Elmore Leonard’s work.  Raylan’s professionalism has been called into question by something that he did last season.

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Olyphant states that Raylan is a little lost.  He also tells Schwindt the question we start asking is how does the story end for a guy like that.  Ominous words indeed.  Pick up a copy to read the rest of the story.


Forget Valentine’s Day Today is Olyphant Day!

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If you can’t wait until tonight to get your Olyphant fix, we are here to help you! We have declared today Olyphant Day. So in honor of this occasion please enjoy the videos!

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The first one features Tim goofing around backstage at the Conan show. The second one is an interview with Amy Smart, who plays Allison on Justified. She discusses what it is like to work with the man of the day. Enjoy!



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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Timothy Olyphant Talks Super Bowl and Deadwood With Rich Eisen

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Timothy dropped by the NFL Networks Studios to chat with Rich Eisen. Olyphant gave his views on the super bowl game, the Red Hot Chili Peppers unplugged halftime performance and shared some inside stories about Deadwood and Justified.

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You can listen to the interview by clicking the link below.  Olyphant’s segment begins at 36:40 into the podcast.

Check out the podcast here

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Raylan Givens We Need a Hero

raylan in doorway hat in hand

Raylan Givens Tall Drink of Water

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 I was thrilled the first time I tuned in to FX’s brand new series “Justified”. Much to my surprise, I loved the show. I loved Timothy Olyphant. I loved the way he brought cool back to my television screen. Laconically strolling across a lawn like John Wayne and leaning against a ladies door with that charming little boy Gary Cooper smile. I was in love!

crockett cool

Don Johnson as Sonny Crockett

Need to catch up on last season’s Justified.  Click here.

I am old enough to remember when television actually produced some great shows. Often these shows produced bona fide stars. Actors and actresses who went on to do great things. I remember Phil Collin’s “In the Air Tonight” playing as Sonny Crockett drove his Ferrari down a dark Miami street, changing television cop shows forever. I remember Matt Dillon going straight up against the bad guys. I remember Archie Bunker, a character both endearing and ignorant, sparking conversations across America.

But alas that was before reality TV came along and ruined television forever. A genre that allows us to look in on greedy, selfish, party girls like the Kardashians, watch a dance teacher abuse children while their mothers look on in Dance Moms and watch everyone who ever thought they might sound good singing in the shower on American Idol or throw in a little celebrity ego and call It The Voice.

I don’t care to see what Kim Kardashian is doing and I certainly am not eager to add to her fortune in any way, so I will pass on the whole thing. The list goes on and on but then you all know what I am talking about. A big ol’ pile of crap TV.

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That was why I was elated to find Justified. The writing was good, the acting was excellent, the characters rich and interesting, the dialogue smart and funny and a leading man hot enough to melt paint. I loved every episode of Season One.

But something bad happened in Season Two. It actually began on the last episode of Season One. Boyd Crowder was supposed to die. Elmore Leonard killed him. But the writers on Justified spared him and the show was never the same.

Although the show is about a U.S. Marshal returning to his home state of Kentucky, it is not logical that his every hour at work is spent in the small town of Harlan. I am pretty sure there are not that many fugitives in Harlan.

raylan mags & rachel

Raylan, Mags and Rachel

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The Second Season introduced the Bennett clan. Mags Bennett was played brilliantly by Margo Martindale. So good in fact that she won an Emmy. It was a good season but that is where the problem started. So much was made of Margo and the Bennett clan that FX decided that Justified was now about strange, quirky bad guys. Guess what, that idea does not work season after season.

And long after Boyd’s story on the show should have been wrapped up, we still have him running around free trying to rule Harlan. What does this have to do with our hero you ask. Exactly nothing.

Leonard’s story about Raylan Givens being sent back to his home state and facing some old demons was tossed out the window. Raylan had an ex-wife he still loved, an old school mate with a smoldering crush, an aunt who he credits with helping him escape life in Harlan and a criminal father you wouldn’t wish on anyone.


Raylan Arlo death bed

Arlo Whispers Kiss My Ass to Raylan on his death bed

Haven’t watched Justified yet?  Start here

Raylan’s storyline and all his connections to Harlan were systematically eliminated. He breaks up with Ava, his ex dumps him and moves, his aunt is killed and finally in the fourth season his father dies. That leaves Raylan with zip reason to be in Kentucky. It effectively takes away every storyline connected to the leading man. All he has left is work and a daughter in another state he never visits.

Meanwhile Boyd and Ava have fallen in love in a totally unbelievable plot twist. They began to build a crime empire and things only get worse from there. Ava changes from a tortured, sweet southern woman to a cold hearted, murdering madam. Boyd spouts endless lines of meaningless speech with the fervor of a bible thumping preacher. Both extremely unlikeable characters, yet at least half the show is now devoted to them.

After season two we have been given a plethora of bad guys. Wynn Duffy, Quarles, Limehouse, Nicky Augustine and the list goes on. None as compelling as the Bennetts but they took up plenty of the show.

Raylan take one ore step 2

Hot enough to melt paint!

Want to watch this episode?  Get it here.

I don’t care to see the bad guy indulge his homosexual fetish or butcher hogs. I might be in the minority but I loved the first season the best. We got to see Raylan doing what he does best – being a Marshal. We had a new hero. He drew a line in the sand, if you crossed it heaven help you. When he said “If you take one more step I’m going to shoot you,” he meant it. And after making good on his warning he says dryly “I warned you. Twice. “ Who couldn’t love that.

It was like having John Wayne, Gary Cooper and Clint Eastwood all in one cool quick draw marshal. There was someone who stood between the bad guy and the innocent victims. When Marshal Givens strolled in, you knew everything would work out. It might be messy, but it would all turn out for the best.

raylan bw porch in chair

Raylan Cool as Ever

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Maybe it wasn’t the most realistic scenario, but so what? What is wrong with having a handsome, cool, tough hero saving the day. It certainly worked for Clint Eastwood, why not Timothy Olyphant. Olyphant has become a member of an ensemble cast instead of the star. Plots get rehashed and the bad guys roll on.

In the words of Bonnie Tyler “I Need a Hero”. I was really hoping it was going to be Raylan Givens.

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