Timothy Olyphant Attends LA Loves Alex’s Lemonade Event

By Penny Clift

Our man, Tim Olyphant, was doing good things this weekend. He attended the LA Loves Alex’s Lemonade Stand event. The charity supports research to battle childhood cancer.

Sensational Beginnings

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This charity must be dear to Tim’s heart as he serves on the honorary committee each year as well as attending the event. He also offered himself up for an Omaze event benefiting the charity.

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The event brings together chefs and mixologists from around the country. Guests sample delicious dishes all afternoon. Afterwards an auction is held. This year’s event raised over one million dollars thanks to a matching funds donor. That is pretty impressive!

Hats off to Olyphant for all the charity work he does. I am also amazed at how fast he can grow the stubble. Last I saw him he was clean shaven in Atlanta. He is now back to the stubble in L.A. What a guy!

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Timothy Olyphant Invites You For A Drink

By Penny Clift

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I hope everyone had a great Labor Day.  Those of us who were lucky enough to receive the day off have the after holiday blahs today.  Not to worry we can let a little Timothy Olyphant pick up our spirits!

 I discovered these videos of Tim promoting is current Omaze offering and thought I would share them.  He makes some great digs at Walton Goggins.

The Omaze offering is the lucky winner joins Tim for  a lesson from some master mixologists.  They also get to have dinner with Mr. Olyphant.  The money goes to the Alex’s Lemonade Sand charity to battle children’s cancer.
So enjoy the videos and then go over to Omaze and enter.  You will be helping a great cause and just maybe you will win that trip to L.A. to have dinner with our favorite marshal.
 So go on enter!

Timothy Olyphant and the Epic Kiss

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By Penny Clift

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I declare September 3rd as Tim Thusday! On Tim Thursday we have to discuss Mr. Olyphant.

I was excited to see he has been cast in the new Garry Marshall movie “Mother’s Day”. I hope it isn’t a tiny part like the last few roles he has played on the big screen. His role in “This is Where I Leave You” seemed a waste of his talent. The relationship between his character and Tina Fey’s mostly went unexplored.

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I can be optimistic about his role in “Mother’s Day”. The premise sounds good. His character is caught between his new young wife and his ex. The new wife if played by Shay Mitchell and the ex by Jennifer Aniston.

It will be interesting to see Olyphant and Aniston together. Also a fun treat to see him playing an older man with a young wife. Olyphant has been married to his wife, Alexis, for over twenty years so he won’t have any real life experience to draw on.

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tim kiss 2 copy

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Olyphant doesn’t do many romantic roles. His one romantic leading role was that of Fritz in “Catch and Release”. The movie had the potential of being a great romantic comedy instead it veered off into strange territory. The movie is worth watching for the Olyphant and Jennifer Garner story. There is an epic kissing scene! Ladies if you haven’t seen it you need to get over to Amazon right now and rent the movie!

Co-star Kevin Smith blamed Olyphant for the film’s disappointing box office. That was a total denial of the film’s true failure which was Smith himself. Instead of focusing on the two stars, Olyphant and Garner, the film had a totally unnecessary side story involving Smith and Juliette Lewis. The eww factor was high on that relationship. Lewis’s character shouldn’t even have been in the movie and her relationship with Smith, well you can imagine that was not pleasant.

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Tim gave a charming performance with his usual quirky but charming personality. He had great chemistry with Garner. Their story is what makes “Catch and Release” one of my favorite movies.

So if you haven’t seen “Catch and Release” give it a look. Keep your fingers crossed for an enjoyable romantic romp featuring Olyphant in “Mother’s Day”!

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 What do you think about Tim’s new role? Let me know in the comments. In the meantime what are you waiting for? Get a copy of “Catch and Release” and see that epic kissing scene. You might need a cold shower afterward!