Let Timothy Olyphant Make You Scream

By Penny Clift

tim mitchell crazies

Timothy Olyphant & Radha Mitchell in The Crazies

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The leaves are falling and the nights have a chill.  It is my favorite time of the year.  Time for spooks and all things scary.

I am so lucky, I can combine two of my loves.  Scary movies and Timothy Olyphant!

If you are like me, you love to curl up with a bowl of popcorn and a scary movie on chill October nights.   Lucky for us Mr. Olyphant seems to enjoy starring in some pretty scary flicks.


tim scream 2 best

Tim in Scream 2

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 He uses his quirky personality to perfection in “Scream 2”.  The killing continues as Sydney (the survivor of Scream) hits the college campus.  A young Olyphant is among her circle of friends.
tim crazies 2

Tim from The Crazies

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“The Crazies” is a great scary night choice. The film is a remake of George Romero’s movie of the same name. Olyphant plays David Dutten, sheriff of a small town in Iowa. Radha Mitchell plays his doctor wife.


tim mitchell look crazies
 When townspeople began to become psychotic, Dutten finds himself in a load of trouble.  When the government men show up and begin to round everyone up, Dutten takes his wife and flees.  Will they make it out alive?  Heads up ladies Olyphant is super hot in this one.  It is violent but Olyphant’s presence helped me make it through.
tim dreamcatcher cat

Tim in Dreamcatcher

I read Stephen King’s book “Dreamcatcher” when it first came out.  I was excited to see Olyphant in the movie version.  The movie has a certain gross out factor but Olyphant shines as always.  If you like Stephen King’s brand of horror, you will like “Dreamcatcher”.
Well there you have it.  Get your scary movie fix and your Olyphant fix at the same time.  Go ahead you know you want to!

What is your favorite Tim Scary Movie?

Check out this interview of Tim talking about The Crazies

Timothy Olyphant and Rob Lowe Sharing Thanksgiving?

By Penny Clift

tim and rob lowe

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Great news for Timothy Olyphant fans this week. Tim will be guest starring in the new comedy “The Grinder”.

Rob Lowe and Fred Savage star as brothers. Lowe is a successful actor who has played a T.V. lawyer for eight years. His brother, Fred Savage, is a real lawyer. When Lowe decides to move back to his hometown of Boise, ID to join his brother’s law firm despite the fact he has no law degree.

Our man Tim plays an old frenemy of Lowe’s character. The episode is entitled “Giving Thanks, Getting Justice” and will air around Thanksgiving.

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tim rob lowe post

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This will be Olyphant’s first tv role since Justified. He has recently been filming the movie “Mother’s Day” in Atlanta.

Yay! Lots of Olyphant love happening! Happy Thanksgiving come early!

Stay tuned and we will let you know the date the episode will air.