Deadwood Movie Script Arrives at HBO

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I hope everyone is having a wonderful spring.  My area has been enjoying nice April showers.  Flowers will bloom soon!

There is also Olyphant news this spring.  It has been reported that Ian McShane, who starred alongside Tim in Deadwood, told TVLine that a Deadwood script has been completed.

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It has been rumored for years that a big screen version of “Deadwood” would be made.  It seems that is actually becoming closer to reality.
McShane revealed that HBO has received a two hour movie script from David Milch.  The actor says he would love to do the movie and see the old gang.
Olyphant has stated he would be on board for the big screen event.  So if you are a “Deadwood” fan hopefully you are in luck.
What do you think about the “Deadwood” reboot?  Let us know in the comments.

Timothy Olyphant Talks March Madness on Rich Eisner

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Hello fellow Timothy Olyphant fans!  It is a gorgeous almost spring day here.  The time change has hit me hard.  I hope everyone is adjusting to it better than myself.  Losing an hour just plays havoc with my sleep clock.

Mr. Olyphant has been a busy fellow lately.   His new show  “Santa Clarita Diet” is currently streaming on Netflix.  He is also scheduled to play a rather unsavory character in the movie “Beef”.
Olyphant also played in the annual Desert Smash Celebrity Tennis Tournament on March 7th.  The tournament benefits several charities including St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

 tim rich eisen 2
Timothy is a huge sports fan so it was no surprise when he turned up on the Rich Eisner show.  Olyphant helped Eisner fill out a NCAA basketball tournament bracket.  Eisner has a bet with his crew.  If Olyphant’s picks win the crew shows up for work dressed as clowns.
The crew lobbied for a guest appearance on “Santa Clarita Diet” if they win.  Tim seemed reluctant to go along with the idea.  Check out the whole exchange in the video below.
Well hope everyone has a great St. Patrick’s Day.  Happy Olyphant viewing!

Timothy Olyphant Takes a Turn as a Villain in Beef

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Spring is almost here and things are beginning to turn green where I live.  It has been an amazingly warm February here.  One day it was 90 degrees!  Unbelievable.

Our man Olyphant has been out and about.  He looked very dapper as he attended the Vanity Fair Oscar party.  He has a lot of grey in his hair but it looks very sexy!
Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 11.07.05 AM
Timothy has been very busy of late.  He is starring in a new series “Santa Clarita Diet” on Netflix TV.  Reviews have been mostly positive so it looks good for a second season.
He is also going to take a turn as a villain in the upcoming movie “Beef”  Olyphant plays the head of a brutal crime syndicate who is after a fast food restaurant manager who has lost a bet.  Sounds interesting.
I hope everyone is enjoying the new series.  If you haven’t watched it check it out!
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Timothy Olyphant’s New Show Santa Clarita Diet to Premiere in February

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It is a brand new year!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful 2017 so far.  I for one am happy to see 2016 go.  It wasn’t a particularly good year for me.  But 2017 is looking to be better.

Timothy Olyphant will be returning to the small screen on Friday, February 3rd on Netflix.  His new show “Santa Clarita Diet” is receiving a lot of buzz as new details are coming out about the premise.

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 I will admit it doesn’t sound like the kind of show I would normally watch, but if Olyphant thinks it is worthy of his talent, I will give it a look.  Olyphant stars as Joel, one half of a husband and wife realtor team.  Drew Barrymore plays his wife Sheila.
It seems Sheila dies and then returns as a zombie cannibal.  Doesn’t sound like the basis for a comedy, right?  Even so some reviewers say the show is hilarious.
If dark comedy is your thing, then “Santa Clarita Diet” will probably be a show you won’t want to miss.  Give it a watch and let me know what you think.
Check out the promotional trailer below.  Enjoy Olyphant fans!

Timothy Olyphant Sings This is Where I Want to Be

By Penny Clift

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 I hope everyone is gearing up for a great weekend.  I know I am looking forward to mine.  Saturday will find me at the Arts & Crafts Festival.  I love fall!  Halloween is my favorite holiday.

This week found Timothy Olyphant visiting Conan to promote his new movie “Snowden”.   The movie stars Joseph Gordon Levitt as Edward Snowden, the govenment whistle blower.  “Snowden” opens September 16th.

Tim not only discussed his movie, he sang a song for Conan.  He stated that he makes his kids sing the song when they are stuck in traffic.  He then proceeded to sing This Is Where I Want To Be for everyone.  It is a very funny bit.
He also discusses stealing silverware from hotels.  In his early days when he and his wife were struggling, it seems he would steal silverware from the hotels he was staying in when

The show is another hilarious encounter between Tim and Conan.  By the end Olyphant had gotten promises from Conan and Andy Richter to join him for the Omaze dinner Olyphant is doing for Alex’s Lemonade Stand.  We will see if that actually happens!  I hope so for the lucky winner’s sake.
If you missed the episode check it out below.
P.S. If you love Halloween like I do check out the site!
Enjoy the video and enjoy the weekend!

Win a Dinner Date With Timothy Olyphant

By Penny Clift

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It is a bright Monday morning.  I am here to commiserate with all my fellow Monday haters.  It is hard to leave the weekend and start a new week.

 So I am going to make all the Olyphant fans Monday a little brighter!  You can win a chance to fly to L.A. and have dinner with Timothy Olyphant.
Here is how.  Go to for your chance to win.

tim omaze 2016
You and a friend will fly to Los Angeles for an exclusive sit down dinner with Tim.  The meal will be prepared by award winning chefs Suzanne Goin, Joh Shook, Vinny Dotolo and Dahlia Narvaez.  It will be held at the celebrated a.o.c.  Flights and hotel are included.

All proceeds go to Alex’s Lemonade Stand.  The charity is dedicated to fighting children’s cancer.
Get on over to Omaze and check it out.  It ends on September 19th so don’t wait.
If you win you can share your experience with us.  I will be glad to post it here!  So go and good luck!  Your win is totally Justified.
Watch the Video below.  If you’re not convinced you will be!

Timothy Olyphant Squares Off Against Rob Lowe

By Penny Clift

 grinder vs grinder 2

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Hope everyone caught Timothy Olyphant in Tuesday’s episode of “The Grinder”.  Tim plays a version of himself in his guest starring role.

 On Tuesday’s episode Tim shows up at the Sanderson law firm.  He injects himself into one of their meetings while he is waiting to see Claire.  This sparks rivalry with Dean.
The show then evolves into whether Dean or Tim is the best fake lawyer.  The two square off in a mock trial.

grinder vs grinde

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 Even though I find “The Grinder” a ridiculous show, Olyphant is hilarious playing an exaggerated version of himself.  He has great comic timing unlike Rob Lowe, who is just over the top most of the time.
Whether you like the show or not, it is worth a watch to see Olyphant flex his comedy muscles.  Sorry ladies, he didn’t rip his shirt off this episode.  Such a shame!

grinder vs grinder 3

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 If you missed it you can still catch it on Hulu.  This episode seemed to wrap up Tim’s role on the show so be sure and give it a look.
Olyphant’s next project is the Off Broadway production “Hold On To Me Darling”.  He plays a country western singer who is searching for something beyond fame.

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 Well that is my Olyphant update for the day.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Now go catch Tim in “The Grinder”! 

Give Timothy Olyphant For Christmas!

By Penny Clift


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 Great news for Timothy Olyphant fans!  Justified is now available in a box set.

 The complete series is contained in the newly released box set.  Justified is a series worthy of collecting.

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The release comes just in time for Christmas.  Introduce someone on your Christmas list to this great series or treat someone who is a devoted fan.  I know I would love to receive this set under my tree!

raylan xmas post 2
So don’t wait go buy your set now.  Treat yourself to an early Christmas gift!  Happy Raylan viewing.
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Timothy Olyphant Invites You For A Drink

By Penny Clift

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I hope everyone had a great Labor Day.  Those of us who were lucky enough to receive the day off have the after holiday blahs today.  Not to worry we can let a little Timothy Olyphant pick up our spirits!

 I discovered these videos of Tim promoting is current Omaze offering and thought I would share them.  He makes some great digs at Walton Goggins.

The Omaze offering is the lucky winner joins Tim for  a lesson from some master mixologists.  They also get to have dinner with Mr. Olyphant.  The money goes to the Alex’s Lemonade Sand charity to battle children’s cancer.
So enjoy the videos and then go over to Omaze and enter.  You will be helping a great cause and just maybe you will win that trip to L.A. to have dinner with our favorite marshal.
 So go on enter!

Timothy Olyphant and the Epic Kiss

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By Penny Clift

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I declare September 3rd as Tim Thusday! On Tim Thursday we have to discuss Mr. Olyphant.

I was excited to see he has been cast in the new Garry Marshall movie “Mother’s Day”. I hope it isn’t a tiny part like the last few roles he has played on the big screen. His role in “This is Where I Leave You” seemed a waste of his talent. The relationship between his character and Tina Fey’s mostly went unexplored.

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I can be optimistic about his role in “Mother’s Day”. The premise sounds good. His character is caught between his new young wife and his ex. The new wife if played by Shay Mitchell and the ex by Jennifer Aniston.

It will be interesting to see Olyphant and Aniston together. Also a fun treat to see him playing an older man with a young wife. Olyphant has been married to his wife, Alexis, for over twenty years so he won’t have any real life experience to draw on.

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Olyphant doesn’t do many romantic roles. His one romantic leading role was that of Fritz in “Catch and Release”. The movie had the potential of being a great romantic comedy instead it veered off into strange territory. The movie is worth watching for the Olyphant and Jennifer Garner story. There is an epic kissing scene! Ladies if you haven’t seen it you need to get over to Amazon right now and rent the movie!

Co-star Kevin Smith blamed Olyphant for the film’s disappointing box office. That was a total denial of the film’s true failure which was Smith himself. Instead of focusing on the two stars, Olyphant and Garner, the film had a totally unnecessary side story involving Smith and Juliette Lewis. The eww factor was high on that relationship. Lewis’s character shouldn’t even have been in the movie and her relationship with Smith, well you can imagine that was not pleasant.

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Tim gave a charming performance with his usual quirky but charming personality. He had great chemistry with Garner. Their story is what makes “Catch and Release” one of my favorite movies.

So if you haven’t seen “Catch and Release” give it a look. Keep your fingers crossed for an enjoyable romantic romp featuring Olyphant in “Mother’s Day”!

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 What do you think about Tim’s new role? Let me know in the comments. In the meantime what are you waiting for? Get a copy of “Catch and Release” and see that epic kissing scene. You might need a cold shower afterward!