Spend Halloween With Timothy Olyphant!

scream 2

Tim is no stranger to the horror genre.  He does a very good deranged mind character.  Here are 3 great choices if you would like to spend Halloween with Timothy Olyphant.

Scream 2

Tim in Scream 2

Tim in Scream 2

Scream 2 follows Sidney Prescott as she tries to put the shocking murders that shattered her life behind her by attending college.  All goes well until a copycat killer begins acting out a real life sequel.

Olyphant plays Mickey, a film buff who becomes one of Sidney’s college friends.  He gives a brilliant performance in this tongue in cheek sequel.

The Crazies

tim rahda crazies

An unexplainable phenomenon has taken over the citizens of Ogden Marsh.  One by one the townsfolk fall victim to an unknown toxin and are turning sadistically violent.  Olyphant plays Sheriff Dutton and Rhada Mitchell plays his pregnant wife Judy.  When the government shows up and begins to use deadly force to close access to the town, letting no one in or out even if they are uninfected.  Dutton, his wife and a small band of friends began a horrifying struggle to stay alive and get out of town.




Dreamcatcher is based on a novel by Stephen King.  Olyphant plays one of four childhood friends who make an annual hunting trip to a cabin deep in the woods.  This year they encounter something strange in the woods, a stranger rambling about lights in the sky and unexplainable events.  Soon they find themselves facing their own paranoia and a presence that is slowly gaining control of their minds.


These are our choices for Olyphantastic Halloween viewing!  Grab some popcorn, curl up with your partner of choice and enjoy some scary thrills Olyphant style. Happy Halloween!

Timothy Olyphant Skates Into Mindy Kalings Heart November 5th

Timothy Olyphant & Mindy Kaling

Timothy Olyphant & Mindy Kaling

Tim’s guest appearance on The Mindy Project will air on Tuesday, November 5th 9:30/8:30 Central on Fox Network.   Olyphant was on star, Mindy Kaling’s wish list of guest stars.   This season saw her wish come true as Tim plays her love interest for one episode.
The episode is titled “Sk8er Man”.   Danny tells Mindy that she’s too picky and judgmental of other people. So she makes it her mission to prove him wrong, and goes on a date with her complete opposite: a wild and crazy skateboarder named Graham (guest star Timothy Olyphant).
Looks like a litte love for Justified producer, Graham Yost, with the character name.  Mark your calendars forNovember 5th.  It would be a shame to miss our favorite marshal on a skateboard!

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Timothy Olyphant Attends Paley Center Benefit Gala


tim paley center 2

Tim at the Paley Center


Pick Your Costume at the FX Halloween Shop!Timothy Olyphant was among the guests at the star studded Paley Center for Media’s annual Benefit Gala. FX was honored with the Paley Prize for Innovation and Excellence.

Many FX stars attended the event along with Olyphant. Attendees included Walton Goggins, Kathy Bates, Ryan Murphy, Kurt Sutter, Aisha Taylor, Paul Scheer and Katey Sagel. FX shows represented included Justified, American Horror Story, Archer, The League and The Shield.

Shawn Ryan spoke about FX president, John Landgraf, saying. “FX, under his leadership doesn’t just have a brain. It has a heart and soul and for that reason he is my nominee to be the first-ever mayor of television. I hope you get that job one day.”

Ryan pointed out that under Landgraf FX has enjoyed commercial and critical triumphs. He went on to say that Landgraf lets the creative drive the business instead of the reverse.

Walton Goggins, who has starred in two FX shows, The Shield and Justified, took the stage to praise Landgraf. He stated that Justified star, Timothy Olyphant, complains that his Shield days gets in the way. That is all Goggins talks about on the set according to Tim. When Kathy Bates congratulated him on the success of Justified, Goggins quipped “It’s mine! Tim Olyphant doesn’t really do anything except look beautiful on a poster.”

tim and walton paley center 3

Tim and Walton Goggins at the Paley Center

Take $10 Off Orders over $60!John Landgraf accepted the award for FX. “Would anyone doubt this thesis?” he began. “Every society on this planet and every human life could be improved if everywhere in our world, there existed an economically and intellectually free market, like the one that has allowed the quality and diversity of television we enjoy in America thrive.”

Katey Sagel (Sons of Anarchy) performed two songs for the guests.

Seems Walton Goggins wants to claim Justified as his own. What do you think about Goggins remarks? Disrespectful? Arrogant? Or just kidding? Let us know in the comments!


tim paley center

Tim at the Paley Center





Timothy Olyphant And Chef Michael Cimarusti Cook For Charity


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Timothy Olyphant and chef Michael Cimarusti lend their talents to support Alex’s Lemonade Stand.

The annual food festival features a virtual feast prepared by participating chefs.  Alex’s Lemonade Stand is a charity benefitting child cancer research.

Olyphant serves as an honorary committee member

See Tim and Chef Cimarusti in action.


Timothy Olphant Goes From Miami To LAX

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Justified began filming it’s fifth season this month.  Timothy Olyphant has been spotted in Miami having dinner with friend David Koechner.  The two were having dinner at the Meat Market on Tuesday October 8th.  The Miami Herald reports that according to onlookers, they were two cool, laid back guys, laughing out loud and having a bunch of fun.

Timothy+Olyphant+Timothy+Olyphant+LAX 9

Life Nature Love

Olyphant was again spotted at LAX airport on Saturday October 12th.  Tim seems to be texting on his phone and listening to music as he waits for his departing flight.  We notice that he has gotten a haircut and dyed most of the gray out of his hair.


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It looks like our favorite marshal, Raylan Givens, will be returning to Miami this season.  Guess Raylan is checking in on this season’s new bad buy Dale Crowe and his gator farms.  Can’t wait to see what Raylan gets up to in Miami.

For more candid photos for more Tim in the airport visit here.


Timothy Olyphant Gets Flirtatious With Alicia Witt

Justified-behind scenes

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More Justified Season 5 cast news was announced today.  Alicia Witt and Edi Gathegi will be joining Justified as new foes of Raylan Givens.

It was recently announced that Michael Rapaport will be playing Dale Crowe Jr., a Florida based crime patriarch.  Alicia Witt will be playing Dale’s sister Wendy, a paralegal, who enjoys a rather flirtatious relationship with Raylan.

alicia Witt

Alicia Witt

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It seems Witt will outwit Raylan to win her brother’s freedom.  She outmaneuvers Raylan with some sexy results.

Witt is known for her role on Friday Night Lights and for us older folk, she played Cybil Shepherd’s daughter Zoey on the TV series Cybil.

edi gathegi

Edi Gathegi

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Also joining the cast will be Edi Gathegi.  Gathegi will be playing a former member of the Haitian police.  His character has become a ruthless criminal employed by Dale Crowe.  His character Jean Baptiste, is cold blooded and merciless. It is hinted he has a unique way of disposing of unwanted bodies.

Gathegi was best known for his roles in the Twilight Series and X-Men.  He also played Dr. Jeffrey “Big Love” Cole on the Fox series House MD.

Raylan will be dealing with his possible promotion and the birth of his daughter.  Meanwhile Boyd will be attempting to get Ava released from prison.

All this news leaves us wondering if Raylan is going to be back in Florida.  The Crowe family is based in Florida where they run a gator farm.  We can only wonder how this ties in with our Kentucky based marshal.

Sounds like its shaping up to be another over crowded cast of villains.  The more villains the less we see of Raylan and the marshals.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Mindy Kaling Dishes On Timothy Olyphant


Mindy Kaling recently dished about Timothy Olyphant’s upcoming guest appearance on The Mindy Project. When the Mindy Project premiered, Kaling had a wish list of men to guest star. Olyphant was at the top of the list.

Now her wish has come true and Mindy will be romancing our favorite lawman this season. Olyphant will play a middle aged skateboarder (yes you read that right) who woos Mindy.

Mindy told the Hollywood Crush earlier this month, “Well, Tim is like so funny. He came up doing standup, so no one knows how funny he is ‘cause he plays essentially modern day cowboys in a lot of the stuff he does. Or, actual cowboys like in ‘Deadwood. But he’s in all these excellent dramas and he’s so good at them and gets awards for them,” she told MTV News. “But he’s also just like a super-funny dude. So we have him playing this part. He’s basically our take on a Tony Hawk-type skateboarder, like a middle-aged skateboarder, we decided was like a funny [role].”

Tim TCA 2
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Mindy revealed that Tim is a good skateboarder. It seems he used to skate to his classes during his days at USC.

“And, of course, he did it effortlessly, which is so irritating when you’re already that good-looking,” she added. “But, yeah, so he was so good and so funny.

We look forward to some swoon worthy love scenes. There is not nearly enough of those on Justified!

Give us your thoughts on Tim’s upcoming guest role on the Mindy Project in the comment section.


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Justified Season 5 Cast Spoiler Rapaport Joins Cast


Michael Rapaport is joining the cast of Justified for Season 5. Rapaport will play  Dale Crowe Jr., the charismatic patriarch of a Florida crime family. Crowe is an ex-convict who owns a gator farm.

We know from the first episode of Justified that Raylan and Dale Crowe have crossed paths.  When Dewey first shows up at Ava’s house in the first episode of Justified, he has his first confrontation with Raylan.  After learning Dewey’s name, Raylan asks if he is kin to Dale Crowe,  When Dewey replies they are kin, Raylan reveals that he had placed Dale Crowe in prison in Florida.

This confrontation reveals the fact that Raylan and Dale Crowe already have a adversarial relationship.  We are not sure how these two are going to cross paths again but we can almost be assured we will be seeing Dewey again.

Rapaport was recently cut from CBS’s new series The Millers.  His part was recast with another actor. Ironically, The Millers stars former Justified villain Margo Martindale.

We will be sure to pass along any new casting news or juicy gossip we hear.  Let us know in the comments what you think of Rapaports new role as Justified’s bad guy.

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Timothy Olyphant Attends Alex’s Lemonade Stand 2013

Timothy Olyphant Alex's Lemonade stand 2013

Timothy Olyphant Alex’s Lemonade stand 2013

Timothy Olyphant  was spotted at the LA Loves Alex’s Lemonade Event on Saturday, September 28th.  Olyphant serves as an  honorary committee member for the event.

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Tim appeared to be playing it casual.  He dressed in jeans, an Alex’s Lemonade Tee and flip flops.  Olyphant is rocking a manly pony tail it seems as he continues to wear his hair long.
The charitable event benefits childhood cancer research.  The giant food festival features many participating chefs.  This year’s chefs included Chris Bianco, Giada De Laurentiis, Susan Feniger, Neal Fraser, Duff Goldman, Adam Perry Lang, Ludo Lefebvre, Mary Sue Milliken, Jonathan Waxman, Matt Accarrino, April Bloomfield, Vinny Dotolo and Michael Cimarusti.
The event was attended by several celebrities, among them Camilla Belle and Lena Dunham.
Kudos to Tim for his support of this worthy charity!

Check the video out of Tim at the 2012 Alex Lemonade Stand Event.