Timothy Olyphant, Danny Crowe and Storyboards of a 21 Foot Rule Tragedy

by Penny Clift

Raylan Faces off with Danny Crowe

Raylan Faces off with Danny Crowe

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It has been three months since Justified’s season finale so we all need a little Olyphant fix. What better way than to see the storyboards for Danny Crowe’s famous demise.

Danny Crowe’s fateful decision to test out the 21 foot rule on Raylan made Entertainment Weekly’s list of the 50 best television scenes of the year. If you have to go, you might as well go out with a bang or in Danny’s case a trip.

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Olyphant pitched the idea of Danny’s death all season. Series creator Graham Yost stated ” He wanted the dog to die. He wanted a grave to be dug and he wanted Danny to fall in it. ” So it seems the credit for the unforgettable scene goes to Olyphant.

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Taylor Elmore, who cowrote the episode with Keith Schreier, interrupted a meeting between Yost, Executive Producer Fred Golan and Timothy Olyphant to invite them to his office to see director, John Dahl’s storyboard for the scene. Yost recalled, “The way Dahl shot it with those feet sticking up, you know, that’s Elmore. It’s funny and it’s horrifying.”

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Yost went on to say that Olyphant was delighted with the way it turned out. He recalled how Tim laughed all through the scene. He laughed when A.J. did it, when the stuntmant did it and even when he was doing his own stuff. “He just got a kick out of it” Yost said.

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A.J. Buckley, who plays Danny Crowe, also got a big kick out of the scene. Raylan’s line “S**t, Danny. I would’ve said somethin. I swear to God I didn’t see it either.” Buckley recalls Olyphant just made up the lines. But what a way to go out.

Check out the hilarious storyboards. What is your favorite Justified death scene. Let us know in the poll!

justified storyboard running

justified storyboard 5

justified storyboard 3

justified storyboard 6Storyboards from Entertainment Weekly

Let us know if you have another favorite death scene in the comments.

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