Watch Timothy Olyphant Read From Elmore Leonard’s “Swag”

By Penny Clift

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The Writer’s Bloc held a tribute to Elmore Leonard on January 21st in Santa Monica. Many of the stars of Justified participated in the tribute.

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Before the event began a video was played of Leonard accepting the National Book Awards Medal for distinguished contribution to American Letters He quoted a review, which he stated, had the most stimulating, if not realistic, appraisal of his work. New Music Express in London called Leonard “the poet laureate of wild assholes with revolvers,’” He loved seeing that on the back cover of his book.

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Justified producer, Graham Yost and Leonard’s son, Peter Leonard each spoke about the author. Then passages from his work were read by Justified star Timothy Olyphant as well as Walton Goggins, Erica Tazel and Jere Burns.

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Olyphant seems to take delight in the humor Leonard infused in his stories, as he reads from “The Swag”. Olyphant put his own swagger and charm into the reading of the piece.
Watch Olyphant charm the audience in the video below!

Timothy Olyphant and Wife Alexis Attend Aspen ArtCrush Summer Benefit

by Penny Clift

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Timothy Olyphantand his beautiful wife, Alexis, attended the Audi Aspen ArtCrush Summer Benefit on Friday, August 1st in Aspen, Colorado. Mrs. Olyphant looked radiant in a bright blue summer dress while Tim dressed down in jeans.

The Aspen Art Museum hosts its ArtCrush summer benefit every year during the first week of August. The event plays host to celebrities, prominent artists, art collectors, curators, gallery owners and philanthropists from around the world.

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The event featured a silent auction of contemporary art along with wine and wine tasting, a seated dinner at the presentation of the Aspen Award of Art and a live auction The AfterParty Crush featured a dance party with a sponsored bar and live musical entertainment by DJ duo, The Dolls.

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Olyphant was an art major during his college years so his interest in art goes back to his childhood. At any rate it looks like Mr. and Mrs. Olyphant partied the night away in Aspen.

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    Raylan Givens Walks Tall in Lucchese Boots

    by Penny Clift

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    One of the things that makes Raylan Givens so cool is that ultra cool sexy walk. Olyphant’s quiet panther like walk is so subtle, yet so menacing. Ladies love it and men fear it.

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    I love the sideways stroll as Raylan glides up staircases or quietly stalks a bad guy. There hasn’t been such a distinctive walk since John Wayne’s cowboy swagger.
    Raylan wears a distinctive pair of Lucchese cowboy boots. His boot of choice is Lucchese Ostrich Leg Cowboy Boots.

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    Salvatore and his brother, Joseph, set up shop in San Antonio, Texas. Thus, the Lucchese boot was born.

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  • In 1921 Robert J. Kleburg Sr. bought a pair of Lucchese lace up boots for $37.50. Kleburg was from the King Ranch, one of the largest ranches in the world.

  • 1930 Josephine Lucchese became the leading soprano of the Philadelphia Grand Opera

  • In 1942 actor and singer, Bing Crosby, requested that a pair of boots be made for him. He requested “nice soft leather – the best you have in stock.”
  • In 1952 Senator Lyndon B. Johnson visits Lucchese.

  • In 1955 decorated war hero turned actor, Audie Murphy visited Lucchese.

  • In 1961 Texas “Tex” Schramm, then vice-president and general manager of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys contracted Lucchese to make custom Dallas Cowboy boots. Sixty six pairs were made for players, coaches and staff.

  • In 2008 Lucchese made a pair of whiskey buffalo boots for British Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

  • In 2009 the Texas Legislature introduced a bill related to commemoration of the 125th anniversary of Lucchese boots.

  • Celebrities who have worn Lucchese boots include John Wayne, Taylor Swift, Jewel, Luke Bryan, Willie Nelson, Michael Jordan and of course Timothy Olyphant.

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    Given the rich and complex history of Lucchese boots, they seem the perfect fit for U.S. Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens. So if you want to get your sexy, cool Raylan Givens walk down start with a pair of Lucchese Ostrich Leg Cowboy Boots!

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