Timothy Olyphant Grinds His Way to Critics Choice

By Penny Clift

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.  This time of year can be very stressful.  I know I have been having a hard time finding time to write a post!
tim grinder court 4

Watch the second Grinder episode Tim was on here

A big congratulations to Timothy Olyphant for his recent Critics Choice nomination.  Tim is nominated for his guest starring role on the “The Grinder”.

tim the grinder court
He shares the category with Ellen Burstyn, Anjelica Huston, Cherry Jones, Jenifer Lewis and John Slattery.  Since these things are mostly political I am going to predict Huston takes home the award but we can hope Olyphant walks away with it.

tim grinder kiss
If you haven’t seen Tim in “The Grinder” please check it out.  Ladies, you will like it trust me.  Lots of Olyphant with no shirt.  What can be bad.  He should win the award for that alone!

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tim grinder with girl
The Critics Choice Awards will air live on A & E Sunday, January 17th at 7:00 Central Time.

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Timothy Olyphant To Star in Behold My Heart

By Penny Clift

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Timothy Olyphant fans get an early Christmas gift. Olyphant has joined the cast of “Behold My Heart”.

Marisa Tomei and Charlie Plummer will also star in the independent film. The film tells the story of a woman and her teenage son (played by Tomei and Plummer) who must forge into uncharted territory after a tragedy in their lives.


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The film will be directed by Joshua Leonard.

Sounds like a romantic role for Olyphant? We can hope!


tim interview behold pic

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I will let you know of any further news as I come across it!

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