Timothy Olyphant Becomes Country Singer For New Project

By Penny Clift

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 I have to pass on the latest Timothy Olyphant news! Olyphant will be starring in the Off Broadway production of “Hold On To Me Darling”.

Now I have mixed feelings about Mr. Olyphant’s latest project. I don’t want to lose him to Broadway. Few of us would have a chance to see him perform. But regardless, I guess the stage has called him.



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Timothy will play Strings McCrane, a famous country and western singer. McCrane’s mother dies which causes him to question the meaning of his life. He moves back to his hometown in an effort to abandon his celebrity and career. Things do not go well.

Olyphant had read only a few pages of the script when he told his wife “I am going to want to do this.”

His wife’s reply, “Finish the play.”

Olyphant insisted, “I am telling you right now. I am going to want to do this.”

Olyphant meant what he said. He took the part.

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” My wife and kids — I owe them a big thanks for letting me come do this,” he added. “It’s completely selfish, believe me, and I’m going to try to enjoy every second of it.”

Tim has even began taking guitar classes so he can sound authentic onstage. He had this to say about his musical ability. “Whenever I try to do something musical it’s more or less funny. I’m just going to assume the audience is forgiving.”

When asked why he decided to return to the stage he replied, “I personally came back to the theater for the obvious reason – the money.” he joked. “I think everyone can understand that. Everyone knows I’ve got to make a living.”    

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Olyphant’s co-stars include Adelaide Clemens, Jonathan Hogan, Jenn Lyon, Keith Nobbs and C.J. Wilson. Performances will begin February 24 at Atlantic Theater Company’s Linda Gross Theater. The production is directed by Neil Pepe. It officially opens on March 14th and runs through April 3rd.       raylan gutterson Check Out These Great Timothy Olyphant Movies! 

I can’t help but wonder will I be missing Olyphant singing? Will he take his shirt off yet again? After all he displayed full frontal nudity in his first play, “The Monogamist”. I am sure theater goers will be in for a treat no matter the details.

All you lucky people who will be able to attend keep us informed!

Timothy Olyphant Wins Critics Choice Award

By Penny Clift

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Friday is here and the weekend is calling!  Before I start my weekend I wanted to share the latest Olyphant news.

Timothy Olyphant won the Critics Choice Award for best guest actor in a comedy series.  Mr. Olyphant was rewarded for his guest stint on Fox’s “The Grinder”.
Olyphant plays a version of himself in the series.  This version is apparently single and very available.

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Tim’s turn as himself is hilarious.  In the show he takes over “The Grinder” series from Rob Lowe.  Every episode features Olyphant ripping his shirt off.  Lots of eye candy for the ladies!
The Critics Choice Awards were held on January 17th.  The awards ceremony was broadcast on A & E.

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Other nominees in the guest actor category was Ellen Burstyn for “Mom”, Angelica Huston for “Transparent”, Cherry Jones for “Transparent”, Jenifer Lewis for “Black-ish” and John Slattery for “Wet Hot American Summer”.

Congratulations to Timothy Olyphant for his win.  It should have been for Justified but at least he was finally recognized.

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I hope everyone has a great day!  Go watch an Olyphant movie it will make your day.

Timothy Olyphant to Hit Big Screen in Deadwood Movie

By Penny Clift


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It is a brand new year! The first of the year is always a busy time. It is not my favorite time. Time for taxes and trying to live up to those New Year’s resolutions. Yikes! Not fun.

I have found a bright spot in this new year of 2016. It seems HBO and David Milch have made an agreement to do a big screen Deadwood movie.

Michael Lombardo, president of HBO, told TVLine that HBO has given show creator, David Milch, the green light to make a big screen version of Deadwood. Milch pitched a storyline to HBO and the project was born.

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Milch is currently working on another project but plans to write the Deadwood script when his project is complete.

The biggest problem facing the production it seems will be assembling the cast again. It involves lots of actors with busy schedules.

I personally feel as long as Timothy Olyphant and Ian McShane are on board, they can proceed. Everyone else could probably be replaced if necessary.

While Deadwood is not my favorite Olyphant project, I am still excited for the big screen prospect. Hopefully it will provide fans of the show some long overdue closure.

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Time will tell if the project will come into fruition after years of rumors about a Deadwood movie. Sounds like the commitment is there, we will cross our fingers that everyone can come together and make it a reality.

Well that is my first big New Year’s story. Let’s hope there are more Olyphant projects to come!