Timothy Olyphant Freeballing in Mother’s Day Trailer

By Penny Clift

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 It is a very warm Sunday in February. The kind of day that makes you feel lazy. During my lazy day I found a trailer for Tim’s new movie “Mother’s Day”.

Olyphant plays Jennifer Aniston’s ex husband, Henry. Henry is remarried to a younger woman played by Shay Mitchell.

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The film features an ensemble cast and follows several storylines. It is directed by Garry Marshall who also directed “New Year’s Eve” and “Valentine’s Day”. Find out about Free Ball. Enjoy the trailer!  

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  “Mother’s Day” hits theaters April 29th, 2016. Who is excited as I am to see “Mother’s Day”. Let me know in the comments.    

Timothy Olyphant Squares Off Against Rob Lowe

By Penny Clift

 grinder vs grinder 2

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Hope everyone caught Timothy Olyphant in Tuesday’s episode of “The Grinder”.  Tim plays a version of himself in his guest starring role.

 On Tuesday’s episode Tim shows up at the Sanderson law firm.  He injects himself into one of their meetings while he is waiting to see Claire.  This sparks rivalry with Dean.
The show then evolves into whether Dean or Tim is the best fake lawyer.  The two square off in a mock trial.

grinder vs grinde

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 Even though I find “The Grinder” a ridiculous show, Olyphant is hilarious playing an exaggerated version of himself.  He has great comic timing unlike Rob Lowe, who is just over the top most of the time.
Whether you like the show or not, it is worth a watch to see Olyphant flex his comedy muscles.  Sorry ladies, he didn’t rip his shirt off this episode.  Such a shame!

grinder vs grinder 3

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 If you missed it you can still catch it on Hulu.  This episode seemed to wrap up Tim’s role on the show so be sure and give it a look.
Olyphant’s next project is the Off Broadway production “Hold On To Me Darling”.  He plays a country western singer who is searching for something beyond fame.

claire & tim in bed

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 Well that is my Olyphant update for the day.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Now go catch Tim in “The Grinder”!