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Aww the About Me Page.  The obligatory page you must have to tell the world about yourself.  Personally I never look at the About Me Page.  I am not sure why that is exactly.  I guess if you are sharing something I am interested in, all the details of your life doesn’t really matter to me.  But anyway here is my About Me Page.

I won’t bore you with all the mundane details of my life.  I am a pretty normal person with a rather normal life.  I am single.  I don’t have any children.  I do enjoy my nieces.   I even have a Great Great Nephew.  Wow just writing that makes me feel old.  But I am not old.  I am middle age and just hitting my prime in life!

I have a job which I have enjoyed for the last 33 years.  Sometimes I love it, other times not so much.  Such is life I guess.

Writing has always been my true passion in life.  I write as often as I can fit it into my day.   I love to research and learn about different subjects I can incorporate into my writing.

My other passion is my beautiful furry companions.  I have three dogs and one crazy cat who thinks he is a dog.  How could he know any different?   All he has ever known is his dog buddies.  He is so lazy he has to lie down to play with his feather and fish screensavers bore him silly.  I passionately believe in adopting pets from rescue organizations or the city pound.  There are so many wonderful animals who just a need a second chance in life.  A forever home, a place of love and not fear.

Peanut gives allie sugars (640x480)

Rosie in her bed on our bedRee Ree (640x621)peanut sleep on pillow (640x480)

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I am so glad you have chosen to visit my Timothy Olyphant website.  Mr. Olyphant is my favorite actor.  I love the fact he is not a media obsessed Hollywood type.  He is a dedicated father and husband.  He and his wife Alexis have been married for 21 years.  That is almost a miracle in Hollywood.  I respect the way he guards his children and his private life.  It speaks volumes about his character.

I have to admit I discovered Olyphant late in his career.  I became mesmerized by his performance as Raylan Givens in FX’s hit series “Justified”.  I haven’t come across such a cool character since Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry first strolled across the screen.  Olyphant’s  laconic, laid back style of playing Givens is a joy to watch.  And the dialogue on the show is a breath of fresh air.  At last an intelligent, entertaining show for adults.  If you haven’ t seen an episode of  “Justified”  do yourself a favor and check it out.

bulletville yum

So here on the Timothy Olyphant website I will attempt to bring you interesting facts about Mr. Olyphant, pictures and upcoming projects.    I hope you will visit often!

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7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. “Justified”…w/o a doubt the very best series I’ve ever seen in my 67 years. Everything about it was perfect. I hope that this might be followed by another series based on other Elmore Leonard novels. Now THAT would be great!

    • I totally agree Justified set the standard. I don’t know if lightning can strike twice, but they could give it a try. A Justified movie would be the ultimate.

  2. Justified Series 2, Would be the Cake NunnIcing too. We Need Justified back in out T.V.Rooms in America. It’s like ApplePie, just can’t live without it.To the Crew’, We here are anxiously awaiting a New Spin. Love All You Guys’

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