Timothy Olyphant In Rogue Magazine Summer Issue

There is some good news to pass along to my fellow Timothy Olyphant’s fans.
Tim appears in the Spring/Summer issue of Rogue Magazine.  As usual he doesn’t make the cover, but he does have some nice pics and an interview inside.
Tim tells the magazine he isn’t worried about career goals.  He tends to focus on what he wants to do when he is not working.  He also states he doesn’t question his success, he just enjoys it!
Olyphant is pretty busy for someone who doesn’t worry about career goals.  In addition to Santa Clarita Diet he has a role in the upcoming Quentin Tarantino movie “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” and the rumored to be filming in the fall long awaited “Deadwood” movie.
Anyway, pick up a copy of Rogue magazine to read more of Tim’s interview.

Timothy Olyphant Plays Tennis For Charity


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I hope all my fellow Olyphant fans have been enjoying the second season of Santa Clarita Diet.  Once again looks like Tim was overlooked by the Emmys.  At least it spares him the pain of sitting through the highly political ceremony.

The news of the week is Timothy Olyphant will be joining other celebrities for the 2018 Chris Everett-Raymond James Pro Celebrity Tennis Classic November 9 through the 11th.  Other celebrities will include Chris Noth, January Jones, Seal, Jon Lovitz, David Cook, Tate Donovan and Jamie McShane.
Celebrities will be paired with tennis pros for the event held at the DelRay Beach Tennis Center.  Tennis pros include Martina Navratilova and Luke Jensen.

The festivities also include a Saturday Evening Gala, which begins with a red carpet and includes dinner, dancing, entertainment and a silent auction.
Last year’s event raised an astounding $800,000.  The money is distiributed to programs funded through the Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida and the Drug Abuse Foundation of Palm Beach.

Olyphant will be his usual quirky self I am sure.  He has even been known to play in his bare feet.  Anyone lucky enough to attend will be highly entertained I have no doubt.
Let us know if you get to attend.  Share with us in the comments.

Timothy Olyphant and the Missing Link



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It seems Lionsgate has picked up LAIKA’s animated feature “Missing Link”.

Written by Chris Butler (Paranorman) it stars Hugh Jackman as Sir Lionel Frost who thinks he is the world’s expert on monsters and myths.  Sir Lionel travels to the Pacific Northwest where he hopes to find a legendary creature he believes to be the missing link.
The creatures is voiced by Zach Galifianakis.  Sir Lionel’s fellow explorer is voiced by Zoe Saldana.   Other voices will be provided by Timothy Olyphant, Emma Thompson and Steven Fry.


Other news on the Olyphant front is the Deadwood movie is reportedly to begin filming this fall.  That is according to Kim Dickens who plays Joanie Stubbs in the movie.  That is great news for Deadwood fans!
Lots of exciting projects coming up for Timothy!  What do you think of his new ventures.  Let us know in the comments.  Meanwhile you can catch up on the complete Deadwood series on Amazon Prime.

Timothy Olyphant Negotiates For A Part in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood



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Lots of exciting news for Timothy Olyphant fans lately.  Tim has all kind of projects in the works.

Santa Clarita Diet has been renewed for a third season.  Netflix announced the zombie comedy starring Tim and Drew Barrymore will be back for another season.  Great news for fans of the series.

By all accounts the Deadwood movie is also moving forward.  Olyphant revealed he has read the script and he thinks it is amazing.  He still remains a bit skeptical  but with Olyphant you can never tell what is real and what is BS.  So we will see.
This week it was announced that Olyphant is in negotiations for a part in Quentin Tarantino’s new movie “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”.  The film will star Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. 

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The movie is based on the murder of actress Sharon Tate at the hands of the Manson family.  It has not been revealed what part Olyphant will be playing.
Here is hoping all things get worked out and we will be seeing Tim on the big screen.
Meanwhile check out Tim’s interview on Build.  Enjoy!

Timothy Olyphant Makes Late Night Talk Show Rounds


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I hope everyone is enjoying the new season of Santa Clarita Diet.  I have to admit as much as I love Timothy Olyphant, it is not my particular cup of tea.

 Tim  appeared on Late Night With Seth Myers on Tuesday, April 10th.  Olyphant discusses the name Myers gave his new baby.  The pair enjoyed a lively exchange about kids.  Mr. Olyphant never disappoints with his ironic humor.

Tim will also be appearing on Conan Monday, April 16th.  Conan is on TBS at 10:00 p.m. Central Time.

Olyphant made news this past week by declaring the Deadwood movie will never happen.  He seems to think they will never get all the players together.  I tend to think that it is possible.  I believe Tim likes to exaggerate.  I guess only time will tell.

What does everyone think of the chances of a Deadwood movie.  David Milch says it will happen, Tim says it won’t.  Who do you believe.  Let me know in the comments.

 Tim on Seth Meyers


Timothy Olyphant to Play in Desert Smash Tennis Event

Serena Williams will be hosting and playing in the 14th annual Desert Smash Tennis Event.  The event features Pro verses Celebrity Face Off.
The match was founded by Venus and Serena Williams in honor of their eldest sister, who died in 2003.  Proceeds benefit the Yetunde Price Resource Center

Timothy Olyphant will join Randy Jackson, Lance Bass, Tony Hale, Colton Haynes, Regina Hall, Dr. Phil and Omar Miller as celebrity players.
There will be an After Party which includes a concert set by DJ Bob Sinclair and includes surprise celebrity artists.
Good luck to Mr. Olyphant.  He does love tennis!

Timothy Olyphant Welcomes Justified Cast Mates to Santa Clarita Diet


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Get ready for your Timothy Olyphant fix!  Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 will be airing on March 23 on Netflix.

This season will see a host of interesting guest stars.  Some old Justified friends will be making an appearance.  Joel McHale and Maggie Lawson will play a competing realtor couple.  Gerald McRaney will join the cast as a retired army colonel who intimidates Olyphant’s character, Joel.  Zachary Knighton plays a Serbian Californian who is on a quest to discover the secrets of the undead.

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 Meanwhile Joel and Sheila search for a cure to end Sheila’s lust for blood.  Sounds like an exciting new season!
If you missed the first season or just want a refresher before Season 2, it is available to stream on Netflix.
Let me know in the comments if you are excited for Season 2.  Happy Zombie watching!

Take the poll below. Who do you think has the best chemistry?

Coming Soon
Ellen & Wes from Damages 2 ( 2.41 % )
Winona & Raylan from Justified 34 ( 40.96 % )
Ava & Raylan from Justified 33 ( 39.76 % )
Shela and Joel from Santa Clarita Diet 14 ( 16.87 % )

Timothy Olyphant, Deadwood, and A Marriage Proposal

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Happy New Year fellow Olyphant fans!  I hope everyone had a great Christmas.

It has been a great year for Timothy Olyphant He had several projects including a new series “Santa Clarita Diet”.
Tim and Drew Barrymore even recently helped a couple become engaged.  Watch the video to see them surprise the unsuspecting lady.  The couple reportedly had their first date while watching Season One of “Santa Clarita Diet” so that made the surprise even more meaningful.

Still reports that the “Deadwood”  movie is really happening.  Hopefully everything will come together for the reunion.  It sounds like fans will finally get the resolutions they have been requesting for years.
It will be exciting to see what new projects Olyphant will be involved in for 2018.  I will keep you updated as soon as I learn anything new.
Is everyone excited about the “Deadwood” movie?  Let us know in the comments
Tim & Drew help couple get engaged.

Coming Soon
A Deadwood Movie 37 ( 82.22 % )
A new Season of Santa Clarita Diet 8 ( 17.78 % )

Christmas Gifts For The Timothy Olyphant Fan


Tim and his children at the Santa Clarita Diet Premiere

Holiday time is almost here.  We are dreaming of stockings hung by the chimney with care, sugar plums and mistletoe.  Gifts!  Don’t forget the gifts.

I can suggest some great gifts for the Olyphant fan on your list.  Surely you have at least one!
I know we all miss Justified, so what better gift than the whole series.  Buy it here.

Some other suggestions for Timothy Olyphant viewing gifts.  Deadwood the complete series.  This graphic western inspires both love and hate in viewers.  If you have a western lover on your list, Deadwood is a great gift.
I have some favorite lesser known Olyphant movies that I think any Tim fan would love.  “The Perfect Getaway” is an action thriller in a beautiful setting.  Tim gives a great performance.  Check it out here.
“The High Life” is a great little gem of a movie.  Any Olyphant fan will enjoy this one.  It is funny, sad and exciting.  Give it a try.  Add it to your list.

I and also heartily recommend “Catch And Release” for a little romance. “The Crazies” for a little horror.  “Mother’s Day” just because Olyphant looks so darn good in it!  Try them out!

I also found this Raylan Givens trench coat on Amazon.  I love that coat!  If you think the man in your life could use a little Givens treatment check it out here
I hear the Deadwood movie is on track to start shooting next year.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I will try to keep everyone updated.
Till then Merry Christmas!  Check out the Timothy Olyphant gift suggestions.  Binge watch Olyphant this Christmas!

Timothy Olyphant Plays Tennis For Charity


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I have news for all my fellow Olyphant fans.  Tim will be playing in the Chris Everett/Raymond James Pro-Celebrity Tennis Classic again this year.  The event will be held November 3-5.

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 The pro-celebrity tennis games will be held on November 4th and 5th at the Delray Beach Tennis Center.  This year’s celebrities will include Dr. Phil McGraw, Timothy Olpyhant, Robin Givens, Tate Donovan, Jamie McShane and Maeve Quinlan.  American Idol winner, David Cook and Indianapolis 500 winner Helio Castroneves will also be in attendance.

Pro tennis players will be Martina Navratilova, Rennae Stubbs, Luke Jensen and Sebastian Grosjean.  All American Jesse Levine will also be playing.

Bigstock Happy Holidays
All money raised goes to Chris Everett charities.  Last year’s event raised $700,000.00 to combat drug abuse and child neglect in Florida.
If you get a chance check out Olyphant’s tennis game.  Kudos to Timothy for all his charity work.