Binge Watch Timothy Olyphant This Weekend

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I hope everyone enjoyed the eclipse on Monday.  It created quite the stir all over the world.  Sun worshipers delight!
I don’t know if Mr. Olyphant enjoyed the eclipse as he avoids most social media.  I do know he has two new movies lined up, Beef and Driven.  Santa Clarita Diet will also be enjoying a second season making Timothy a very busy man.
It has also been reported by several cast member of Deadwood” that they have been contacted about the HBO revival of the popular western show.  Things are sounding good for the long awaited “Deadwood” movie.

If you are having Timothy Olyphant longing let us recommend several ways to get your fix!
High Life” is a little known film but a real gem.  It is a dark comedy about a group of ex-cons who decide to rob an ATM.  Olyphant is brilliant as one of the robbers.  Give it a try.

If you are in the mood for a romantic comedy check out “Catch and Release”.  Olyphant stars with Jennifer Garner.  Although the movie was panned by critics it is worth a look for Olyphant and Garner’s story.  The movie suffered too many plotlines, mainly too much Kevin Smith.  Smith blamed Tim for the movie’s failure but I believe the blame likes squarely on Smith.  The focus should have been entirely on the love story between Tim and Garner.  Even with all its flaws, it is one of my favorite Olyphant movies.  Great for a rainy afternoon!

If horror is more your thing try “The Crazies”.  A modern day take on zombies.  It seems the water in Ogden Marsh, Iowa is turning the small town residents into murderous psychopaths.  Olyphant plays the sheriff and Radha Mitchell plays his pregnant doctor wife.

Those are just a few choices.  You might also binge watch 5 seasons of Justified or relive Deadwood.  The weekend will be here before you know it, do a little Olyphant watching!

Share Mother’s Day With Timothy Olyphant

By Penny Clift

tim today show

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I apologize for getting behind on the blog.  I have had a terrible time the last two weeks.  We lost our beloved dog of eleven years, Peanut.  Peanut came to us because she had a bad overbite and the breeder couldn’t sell her.  The breeder happens to be the wife of a co-worker and she brought Peanut in one day in an effort to find her a home.  I took one look at her and fell in love.  She came home with me that day and she has been with me ever since.  She died of heart failure on April 14th.  Life is lonelier without her.

sweet little pea in car

Sweet little Peanut waiting for her walk
tim today show 2
Well on to Olyphant news.  Tim’s play “Hold On To Me Darling” wrapped up on Sunday, April 17th.   He will begin work on his new series “Santa Clarita Diet” in May, so he has a little time off.

tim today show 5


 Olyphant has been promoting his new film “Mother’s Day”.  The film opens on Friday, April 29th.  Tim plays Jennifer Aniston’s ex.  He is remarried to a much younger woman played by Shay Mitchell.  The films looks to be very entertaining.  Great movie to share with Mom for Mother’s Day!
Tim has appeared on The Tonight Show and Today promoting “Mother’s Day”.  He was scheduled to appear on Seth Meyers but in a strange twist of fate, Meyers wife went into labor on the way to see “Hold On To Me Darling” and Tim’s appearance had to be cancelled.

tim on seth meyers

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 Tim did make a special appearance on Meyer’s show.  He shows up to complain about being cancelled in a funny skit with Meyers.    Check it out below as well as Tim’s Today appearance.
paw print heartsweet peanut
Enjoy!  If you have a moment drink a toast to my little girl, Peanut and her beautiful but short life.  I will be eternally grateful.  On to Olyphant viewing.
Tim on the Today Show


Tim on Seth Meyers Show


Timothy Olyphant Freeballing in Mother’s Day Trailer

By Penny Clift

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 It is a very warm Sunday in February. The kind of day that makes you feel lazy. During my lazy day I found a trailer for Tim’s new movie “Mother’s Day”.

Olyphant plays Jennifer Aniston’s ex husband, Henry. Henry is remarried to a younger woman played by Shay Mitchell.

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The film features an ensemble cast and follows several storylines. It is directed by Garry Marshall who also directed “New Year’s Eve” and “Valentine’s Day”. Find out about Free Ball. Enjoy the trailer!  

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  “Mother’s Day” hits theaters April 29th, 2016. Who is excited as I am to see “Mother’s Day”. Let me know in the comments.    

Let Timothy Olyphant Make You Scream

By Penny Clift

tim mitchell crazies

Timothy Olyphant & Radha Mitchell in The Crazies

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The leaves are falling and the nights have a chill.  It is my favorite time of the year.  Time for spooks and all things scary.

I am so lucky, I can combine two of my loves.  Scary movies and Timothy Olyphant!

If you are like me, you love to curl up with a bowl of popcorn and a scary movie on chill October nights.   Lucky for us Mr. Olyphant seems to enjoy starring in some pretty scary flicks.
tim scream 2 best

Tim in Scream 2

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 He uses his quirky personality to perfection in “Scream 2”.  The killing continues as Sydney (the survivor of Scream) hits the college campus.  A young Olyphant is among her circle of friends.
tim crazies 2

Tim from The Crazies

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“The Crazies” is a great scary night choice. The film is a remake of George Romero’s movie of the same name. Olyphant plays David Dutten, sheriff of a small town in Iowa. Radha Mitchell plays his doctor wife.


tim mitchell look crazies
 When townspeople began to become psychotic, Dutten finds himself in a load of trouble.  When the government men show up and begin to round everyone up, Dutten takes his wife and flees.  Will they make it out alive?  Heads up ladies Olyphant is super hot in this one.  It is violent but Olyphant’s presence helped me make it through.
tim dreamcatcher cat

Tim in Dreamcatcher

I read Stephen King’s book “Dreamcatcher” when it first came out.  I was excited to see Olyphant in the movie version.  The movie has a certain gross out factor but Olyphant shines as always.  If you like Stephen King’s brand of horror, you will like “Dreamcatcher”.
Well there you have it.  Get your scary movie fix and your Olyphant fix at the same time.  Go ahead you know you want to!

What is your favorite Tim Scary Movie?
    Check out this interview of Tim talking about The Crazies

    Timothy Olyphant and the Epic Kiss

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    By Penny Clift

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    I declare September 3rd as Tim Thusday! On Tim Thursday we have to discuss Mr. Olyphant.

    I was excited to see he has been cast in the new Garry Marshall movie “Mother’s Day”. I hope it isn’t a tiny part like the last few roles he has played on the big screen. His role in “This is Where I Leave You” seemed a waste of his talent. The relationship between his character and Tina Fey’s mostly went unexplored.

    tim pirate hat 2

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    I can be optimistic about his role in “Mother’s Day”. The premise sounds good. His character is caught between his new young wife and his ex. The new wife if played by Shay Mitchell and the ex by Jennifer Aniston.

    It will be interesting to see Olyphant and Aniston together. Also a fun treat to see him playing an older man with a young wife. Olyphant has been married to his wife, Alexis, for over twenty years so he won’t have any real life experience to draw on.

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    tim kiss 2 copy

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    Olyphant doesn’t do many romantic roles. His one romantic leading role was that of Fritz in “Catch and Release”. The movie had the potential of being a great romantic comedy instead it veered off into strange territory. The movie is worth watching for the Olyphant and Jennifer Garner story. There is an epic kissing scene! Ladies if you haven’t seen it you need to get over to Amazon right now and rent the movie!

    Co-star Kevin Smith blamed Olyphant for the film’s disappointing box office. That was a total denial of the film’s true failure which was Smith himself. Instead of focusing on the two stars, Olyphant and Garner, the film had a totally unnecessary side story involving Smith and Juliette Lewis. The eww factor was high on that relationship. Lewis’s character shouldn’t even have been in the movie and her relationship with Smith, well you can imagine that was not pleasant.

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    tim kiss 4

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    Tim gave a charming performance with his usual quirky but charming personality. He had great chemistry with Garner. Their story is what makes “Catch and Release” one of my favorite movies.

    So if you haven’t seen “Catch and Release” give it a look. Keep your fingers crossed for an enjoyable romantic romp featuring Olyphant in “Mother’s Day”!

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     What do you think about Tim’s new role? Let me know in the comments. In the meantime what are you waiting for? Get a copy of “Catch and Release” and see that epic kissing scene. You might need a cold shower afterward!

    Timothy Olyphant Set to Play Jennifer Aniston’s Ex in Mother’s Day



    By Penny Clift

    tim mothers day 4

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    Timothy Olyphant has just signed on to Garry Marshall’s new movie “Mother’s Day”.  Olyphant joins an ensemble cast that includes Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson.

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    tim mothers day point
    The movie features intertwining stories about several mothers as Mother’s Day approaches.  Olyphant plays Aniston’s ex, Henry.  Shay Mitchell plays Olyphant’s new young wife,Tina,  who wants to be the perfect stepmom to his children.

    tim mothers day

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    The movie began shooting in August in Atlanta.  An April 2016 release has been set for the comedy