Justified Season 6 Episode Reviews

By Penny Clift

Spoiler Alert

Season 6 Episode 1

The Right Hand of Fate

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The final season of Justified is here. The premiere episode “The Right Hand of Fate” takes up where last season left off.

They threw us a bit of a surprise by featuring Winona in the opening scene. She asks her baby daughter a question we have all been asking ourselves. “What is more important than this, Raylan?”

Cut to Raylan as he hunts down the Mexican police officers involved in Boyd’s disastrous Mexican drug deal. When the senior officer refuses Raylan’s request for information, Raylan does things the Raylan way. He waits for the officer to leave, crashes his car and puts him in the trunk and drives him to Texas. We can only imagine what happens after he lets him out of the trunk but he learns Dewey was a witness to Johnny Crowder’s murder.

This knowledge sets the team on a mission to use Dewey to bring Boyd down. This is where they stretch the realistic factor. It seems Dewey is being released after recanting his confession to killing Messer. Even if we believe that Dewey is released just because he has a change of heart, it doesn’t change the fact he ran down a DEA agent. No charges on that one?


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Justified seems to hope we have short memories. They also seem to overlook the fact that people get a trial before they are sent off to prison. Neither Ava nor Dewey was afforded a trial before ending up in the pen. Just a minor detail.

Boyd is back to robbing banks. Ava is back to being a hairdresser. Raylan is back to dogging Boyd.

It has a very been there done that feel. When Dewey made his appearance, I found myself thinking I am tired of this character. It feels like we have started over where we began.

Boyd was supposed to die in the first episode. He did not. I think that has kept Raylan’s story from moving forward. The writers had to come up with ways to keep Boyd and Ava relevant to the story. In my opinion that is where Justified went wrong.

So after five seasons we are back to the story that should have been settled in Season One. It feels tired. At the end of the episode, we learn why Dewey was in the story. Boyd kills him. We are supposed to be shocked. It didn’t work. I was not shocked. Boyd is a sociopath. He is an unpredictable, violent man. He is a murderer. Not Romeo. Not an antihero. Just a murderer.




I love Timothy Olyphant. I love the character of Raylan Givens. I don’t love where they took the show.

Raylan, Boyd and Ava all find themselves back at start. None of them have changed. None of them have learned from their mistakes. In Raylan’s own words, “The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” I can only conclude the writers of Justified are indeed crazy.

We see where the story is headed. We just have to go along for the ride no matter how redundant it is.

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