Justified Season 6 Episode 2 Review “Cash Game”

By Penny Clift


raylan & tim cash game with text

“Cash Game” Watch it now

This week’s episode of Justified, “Cash Game”, returned to the show’s roots.  Drama and humor mixed together in a tense blend.  The writers ability to give the show a sense of humor is one of the things that made Justified a great show.  Season Four and Five departed from this trait and both seasons were disappointing.

 As we hurl toward the climax of this great series, I get the feeling the journey to the end may not be what we have been led to expect.  It is only episode two and already the deals and double deals are rampant.
Duffy and Hale are manipulating Boyd in their bank robbery scheme.  I am sure neither intends Boyd to survive this partnership.  Hale is sleeping with Markham at the same time she is trying to rob him.  Ava is attempting to help Raylan in his quest to take Boyd down.  In the middle of all this Walker is attempting to buy up property in Harlan County including the Givens place.  This circle is all going to twist into a knot that will come together at the end.

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Sam elliot cash game

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Sam Elliot makes his first appearance in this episode as Avery Markham.  I always enjoy Sam Elliot despite the strange fact that his top lip seems to have disappeared.

It is a whole theme of who can you trust.  Ava doesn’t trust Boyd.  Boyd seems to distrust Ava.  Raylan distrusts Ava.  Boyd distrusts his partners in crime.  Rachel seems to distrust Raylan’s intentions to go after Boyd by the book.

All this distrust is bound to end in some unfortunate events.

Raylan & Ava Cash Game with text
The land grab seems to be the central issue for the season.  The reason for the interest in the land is yet to be revealed but I am sure it is not for good purposes.  Raylan’s repeated encounters with Walker has raised his suspicions.  Raylan is now intent on finding Walker’s boss.
Ava reaches out to Boyd after a tense confrontation.  She gives him an ultimatum, she is a part of what he is doing or they are not together.  Boyd seems overjoyed at this semi-reconciliation.  However, we can see that Ava is very much frightened by Boyd.
Raylan as usual visits baby Willa via the computer, wondering if she is old enough to walk.  Later Tim tells him babies begin to walk at 9 to 12 months.  He looked it up on the internet.  I enjoyed that exchange, Tim taking the to time to look it up.  Raylan and Tim seemed to have forged a wary bond.  I enjoy them together.
Raylan and Boyd’s first encounter of the season didn’t disappoint.  The mutual respect and dislike they display for each other is the very heart of the show.  Olyphant and Goggins play off of each other to perfection.   Boyd utters the ominous words “I would say see you around but you won’t be for long.”  Maybe he is speaking of Raylan’s move to Florida or maybe he means something entirely more sinister.

Raylan in front of car wth text Cash Game
Favorite scene of the show would have to be Raylan and Choo Choo.  Raylan “Are you saying you’re not following me because you don’t know what I am saying or are you just repeating this bullshit that you ain’t been following me?”
Choo Choo to Raylan “I’m not following you.”  Hilarious.
I know Yost and even Olyphant are leading us to believe that Raylan or Boyd or both will not survive the season.  I think he might be leading us on.  Given the current cast of bad guys and the land grab plot, Raylan and Boyd may end up as allies.  Who knows?  Stranger things have happened.

raylan cash game 3 with text
If the two join together in a common cause against a bigger evil, they might both walk away.  If Raylan can walk away from Boyd and into his life with Winona and baby, it will indeed be a watershed moment for him.
I am not in the Boyd fan camp and I believe Boyd deserves to be punished for the people he has murdered.  However, Raylan doesn’t have a particular grievance against Boyd so if he could just walk away it would be a turning point for him.
I guess we will all have to stay tuned in to see what develops next week.

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