Justified Season 6 Episode 5 Review Sounding

By Penny Clift


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Justified Season Six Review – Episode Five Sounding 

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This week’s episode of Justified reminds me of the old saying “same song, different verse.”  While I held out hope the show would go out on a high note, it just isn’t playing out that way.

The whole season feels like a repetition of all the previous five seasons rolled into one.  Yost promised we wouldn’t see a parade of characters from the past and yet that is exactly what we are being given.  This week brings us Constable Bob and good old Albert Fecus.  Am I the only one who hoped to never see Fecus again?

So far we have been given past characters Dewey Crowe, Dickey Bennett, Loretta McCready, Limehouse, Errol, Constable Bob and Albert Fecus.   I will be surprised if they don’t raise Johnny Crowder from the dead for a final appearance.

It feels like the writers decided to just rehash old characters and old plots, taking us down a familiar road to the end.  I expected better.  I expected a tense build up to the inevitable last showdown between Givens and Crowder, instead we are given a ridiculous storyline which makes Ava the center of the show.  This is so wrong on so many levels.

Ava’s story has so many holes, it is laughable.  We could go back to Season one where she cooks her husband his favorite dinner and then shoots him while he sits at the table.  Not self defense even though he is abusive.  This folks is premeditated murder.   It is highly unlikely that she walks free without serving one day of time.


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Season three finds Ava in jail when she is caught disposing of the dead body of a man she shot and killed.  While in jail, Fecus sets her up by stabbing himself.  This puts her in prison.  Mind you, she goes to prison without ever having a trial for the stabbing or the murder.  Then the feds get Fecus to recant so she can become an informant.  My question, what about the other murder?  The one that landed her in jail in the first place.  Just forgiving that one?  The woman has killed two men and never had a trial.  It is hard to overlook this unlikely scenario.

Now we are supposed to believe that the woman who murdered two men.  The woman who pushed Boyd to have poor trusting Ellen Mae killed to save her own skin. The woman who slapped around a prostitute at Audrey’s like a seasoned madam.  This woman  all of a sudden is a poor frightened little Southern belle.  Please.  Every episode finds her crying to Raylan like Chicken Little that someone is going to kill her.  If only.

This episode finds Ava so frightened of the “love of her life” she flees to Limehouse.  I guess Limehouse is the only person who can get her a getaway car.  He refuses to accept the money she offers him.  Not enough.  We can only wonder where someone who has been in prison for months got a wad of money because we get no explanation.  Just keep suspending your disbelief for the Ava storyline.

Ava then lies and tells Limehouse she has more money.  Off she goes with good old Errol to retrieve the pretend money.   She wants the car first but Errol refuses and insists on the money first.  How do you think she saw this playing out?  She gets the car, drives off with no money and no plan and leaves Errol to scratch his head and think “I didn’t see that coming.”


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Meanwhile Raylan enlists Constable Bob to find Ava for him.  Of course Raylan tells him where to look.  This leads to the inevitable humorous confrontation between Bob and Errol, which ends in Bob using a taser to Errol’s private parts.

In other storylines Boyd enlists Ava’s uncle to help him in his latest quest to get to Markham’s bank vault.  The latest brilliant plan of the great outlaw is to go through an abandoned mine shaft.  Remember the old westerns?  Of course all abandoned mine shafts lead to the bank vault.  Where is Roy Rogers when you need him.

In other highly unlikely happenings, Choo Choo kills Calhoun with one punch.  Boyd experiences yet another explosion while trying to open the old mine shaft and Katherine Hale babysits her grandchildren.  Duffy has Mikey torture Fecus with a cattle prod in the weekly attempt to shock us with strange violence.  Fecus comes through with flying colors.  Rachel and Tim watch from the next room via hidden camera.  After being so careful not to be seen with Fecus, they walk out his hotel room door wearing bullet proof vests reading U.S. marshals five minutes after Duffy has walked out the same door.  They don’t even bother to  peek out first to see if he is gone.  Great job.

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 Of course, we have to talk about the kiss.  Ava kisses Raylan.  He doesn’t respond.  I am not sure what they want us to think about this development.  Frankly, I was disgusted.  Ava (the most gorgeous woman on earth apparently) is trying to use her irresistible charm to play Raylan.  It doesn’t appear to have worked.

So I guess we will have to wait and see what old character turns up in a new rehashed plot next week.

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