Justified Season 6 Episode 6 Review Alive Day

By Penny Clift


Justified Review Alive Day. Watch it here

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Week six brings us the episode “Alive Day“.  It also brought a lot of boredom.

 The final season should be giving us the characters that make Justified a great show.  It should focus on the main character, Raylan Givens.  Instead we get so many plots and players, you need a scorecard to keep up.   How many bad guys can you cram into one show.  We don’t know yet because we get more every week.
The writers have been stuck in the same old rut since Season Three, trying to top Mags Bennett as the big bad.  They haven’t done it but they have ruined the show in their attempts.
I can only wonder why characters that should have been long gone are still taking up screen time.  I have never seen the purpose of Katherine Hale.  She came in as a supposed organized crime connection.  Now all of a sudden she is reduced to shop lifting.  I never cared for this character and she gets way too much screen time. I don’t care about her husband or who snitched on him.  Lose her.
Wynn Duffy is another character that has grown awfully tiresome.  He is the amusing, crazy bad guy.  The problem is he quit being amusing and crazy at least two seasons ago.  I see no need for his character remaining in the story.

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Add Markham and his whole crew of big baddies and then throw in Limehouse’s reappearance and we have more bad guys than you can stir with a stick.  This is the final season.  I fail to see the reason for bringing in new players and adding multiple storylines.  Plots that strain belief.
For instance if Hale is hot to have Markham’s money, why not just marry the guy.  She could have it all and she could get revenge on him just by being his wife.  Her declarations that she is going to kill him are laughable.  Who is going to accomplish this grand feat?  Her?  Duffy?  As far as I can tell all they do is sit around in hotel rooms getting tans and drinking.
 Then we have Markham and his men.  They go around pulling out large briefcases full of cash offering to buy people’s land.  I have to think just making people a reasonable offer might go a lot farther and raise less suspicion.  These are people living in a poverty stricken area.  I have to believe they would jump at the chance to make a big profit on their property.  If not move to the next.  Arson and murder seem a little extreme.
All of this because Kentucky MIGHT legalize marijuana in a few years.  Then again they might not but what the hell Markham will own poverty stricken Harlan County. That has to be worth money, murder and mayhem.

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Thow into that mix, the return of Limehouse, another character that should never have been revisited.  Of course someone has to come along to make Boyd suspicious of Ava.  Limehouse’s reason for offering this up is a mystery.  He gains nothing.  Why does he need Boyd’s friendship?  Just another unbelievable event to move the plot forward.
On to the show.  Not much going on this week.  Frankly, I was bored by this episode.  We did see the exit of Choo Choo.  Choo was the most entertaining bad guy so on some levels this was bad news.  On the other hand we have one less bad guy.  I am sure a new one will be taking his place.
Walker and Choo Choo have a shootout with Raylan and Tim.  Choo Choo is having difficulty killing Calhoon’s prostitute.  This leads to Walker showing up to get rid of Choo Choo.  In the midst of this confrontation Raylan and Tim show up.  Shooting ensues.  Walker and Choo Choo are wounded but manage to escape separately.  Choo later dies after pulling his car onto the train tracks.

The Watchery
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 Boyd and Raylan have a confrontation in Ava’s house when Boyd comes home to find Raylan in the kitchen.  This leads to a disturbing scene of Boyd rubbing his hand up and down Ava’s leg while suggesting Raylan still yearns for her.  I found this to be a skin crawling moment.  Boyd and Raylan engaged in some pointless conversation about the whereabouts of Dewey Crowe.  Raylan then took his leave.

Art made an appearance at the office to chat with Rachel.  Rachel tells him she thinks either Ava did a runner or Raylan is sleeping with her.  That was a huge leap.  I find it hard to see how she would come to the conclusion Raylan is sleeping with Ava.  Ridiculous.  If she thinks Ava did a runner, why doesn’t she just ask Raylan.  Seems simple to me. 

The rest of the show was bad guy conversations and Boyd working in a mine.  He is almost killed when he falls through the floor.  But no such luck, he survives.  Of course Zachariah has cut the boards in an attempt to kill Boyd.  One of Boyd’s men notices this so he is pushed to his death.  Seems he is not as lucky as Boyd.

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Earl tells Ava his brother thinks she is the most beautiful girl on the planet.  This is our weekly tribute to Ava.  Every week someone must tell her how beautiful she is or mention it to someone else.  Constable Bob ” She would make a dog break his chain.”  There must be a lot of ugly women in Harlan.  This constant adoration of Ava is a little over the top.  Ava is fairly attractive but far from the beautiful goddess the writers apparently believe her to be.
I can only hope next week will be better.  Who would have thought an episode with a big shootout could be boring.  This season makes me long for the excitement of Season One’s final episode “Bulletville”.
Let us know what you thought of the episode in the comments.


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