Justified Season 6 Review Episode 3 Noblesse Oblige






 By Penny Clift


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Noblesse Oblige, the third episode of Justified’s final season brought many things. The most unsavory being Wynn Duffy in a thong. Once you have seen a thing, you can’t unsee it. That is unfortunate for us the viewers.

This week it was Rachel’s turn to actually get a little screen time. The marshals get very little screen time as it is mostly reserved for the bad guys. This week was one of those weeks that had so much bad guy action they could barely squeeze Raylan into the story.

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Rachel got to ride along with Raylan after she joined Vasquez in dressing down Ava for not holding up her informant agreement. Ava shows up intoxicated after a night of drinking with
Boyd. Rachel tells her if she doesn’t come up with something useful in a week, she will be
returned to prison. In true Ava fashion, she blames Raylan.

Raylan and Rachel go off to track down Boyd’s source of explosives. This leads to one of
Raylan’s old mining buddies. He seems surprised when Raylan points out his books do not add up. Thier chat leads Raylan to his friend’s son who is having his own confrontation with one of Boyd’s men. Raylan and Rachel break up their altercation and Raylan puts Boyd’s man down by crushing his nuts.

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They leave the two to go about their meeting but encounter them later as they attempt to rob the mining office for more explosives. This scene provides a little humor as Raylan and Earl have the following exchange. Earl to Raylan, “Actually I was hoping you was going to try grabbin my prick again. See if it goes the same way now that I am paying attention” Raylan to Earl, “I’m not going to grab it, I’m just going to shoot it off. You understand me Earl? I’m gonna shoot your dick off.” Not many actors get to say that line.

The whole thing falls apart when Raylan’s mining buddy confesses to save his son. Raylan cuts Boyd’s man loose against Rachel’s better judgement.

Ava and Boyd get drunk together. We get to hear more of the same old stuff between them.

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Markham’s men kidnap Boyd and tell him it is his second and final warning. Meanwhile
Markham and Walker pay Ava a visit. I love Sam Elliott and he is wonderful in this scene. His menacing charm is scary to watch. I love the fact that he nails Ava and Boyd. He sums them both up to perfection. He tells Ava she is living a fantasy outlaw life, just Ava and Boyd against the world. That sums up Ava pretty well.

When Boyd shows up, Markham tells him he once saw him when he was just a boy. Running around his daddy pretending to be a big bad man. He tells Boyd “Come to it, guess you aren’t all that big now. Grown, but still just playing pretend.” That seems to describe Boyd to a T, always trying to be a big player but failing miserably.

Later Boyd confronts Duffy and Katherine Hale with his new knowledge of who they are attempting to rob.  He tells them not only does he plan to continue but he intends to kill Markham.

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After five seasons, I find Boyd’s style of talking very wearisome. His penchant for delivering long soliloquies as if in a Shakespeare play lost its charm at least three seasons ago.  Despite the praise of Goggins as “wonderful’, I think he is over the top and chews the scenery on a regular basis.

The show begins with Boyd and Ava and ends with Boyd and Ava embarking on a sexual encounter.  That is the perfect example of where Justified went off the track.  Elmore Leonard’s story about U.S. marshal, Raylan Givens has become a misguided story of Boyd and Ava as a pale version of a Bonnie and Clyde romance.  In my opinion it ruined this once great show.  I fear that it will also ruin the swan song of Justified.  Instead of ending with one of the coolest characters to grace television, we will end with the romanticized story of a sociopath and his equally immoral girlfriend.

Let us know what you think about the final season of Justified in the comments.

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Watch the promo for the next episode The Trash and the Snake. Lets hope Raylan is in it more this week.



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