Justified Season 6 Review Episode 4 The Trash and the Snake


By Penny Clift

 Justified Review Season Six The Trash and the Snake-Watch it here

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This week’s episode of Justified, “The Trash and the Snake”, is the fourth episode in our
countdown to the end. We were promised this season would be about the final showdown
between Raylan and Boyd. Instead we are getting the Ava show.

Every episode seems to center around Ava. The last two episodes have opened with Ava and Boyd and closed with Ava and Boyd. It is no wonder Timothy Olyphant was ready to end the show. Justified ceased to be about Raylan Givens at least two seasons ago. It became about outlaw hillbillies, then it was the Boyd and Ava outlaw romance and now finally just the Ava show.

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I knew the show had lost its focus in the fourth season. Graham Yost stated that after readingthe script for a particular episode he asked the writers “Aren’t you forgetting something?” That something was Raylan Givens. They had to actually go back and write something to put the star of the show in the episode. I knew then the show was lost. I was right.

One has to wonder if Yost and Joelle Carter have a special relationship. Last year Ava had her own storyline albeit a bad one. This year she is the focus of the whole show. It is so wrong on so many levels, yet here we are stuck with it.
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This week saw Ava and Katherine Hale spending some quality time together. These endless scenes were all to let us know Katherine is suspicious of Ava. Too bad it took half the show for her to relay that to Ava. Instead we go through lunch and a shoplifting trip that seemed totally irrelevant. So Ava does a little coke and then embarks on a shoplifting spree. I found this whole thing ridiculous.
Boyd and Duffy go to see Duffy’s safecracker, who declares he can crack any safe. They go to an abandoned warehouse which has a similar safe (a little convenient). Even though he is supposedly a master safecracker, he manages to blow himself up in five minutes. This whole scene seemed to be thrown in just for the fun of blowing the guy up. It was not believable nor particularly entertaining.

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As usual Raylan is just chasing his tail in circles. He visits Art who gives him more cryptic warnings. If you kill the snake while taking out the trash, you might get bit. Yeah we get it.

The highlight of the episode was the standoff between Markham and Raylan. It also brought back Loretta McCready. I always enjoy Loretta. Markham wants Loretta’s land. Loretta is determined not to sell. Raylan intervenes. The gauntlet has been thrown down. Markham is now on Raylan’s list and vice versa.


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Raylan and Tim determine Markham’s plan is to buy up all the farmland in Harlan in anticipation of marijuana becoming legal in Kentucky. They also discover he has a nasty way of dealing with people who turn down his offer to buy their land.

Markham’s plan becomes popular as Loretta and Boyd have their own plans for growing pot. This whole thing seems like a bit of a stretch to me. Killing people and committing arson on the off chance Kentucky will legalize pot seems unlikely to me. I also believe in a poor area, such as Harlan, people would jump at large amounts of money being offered for their land. It also seems more likely when some say no, just move down the road to the next. Murder and arson seem extreme. Guess the writers were having a hard time coming up with a new big bad plan for Harlan. Too bad they couldn’t just keep it simple. Give us the story you promised. I don’t care for the Ava, land grabbers, pot growers, shoplifters show


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