Justified’s Final Season is Burned

By Penny Clift



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 This week’s episode of Justified is titled “Burned”. I believe it describes the whole season thus far. It all feels a little burned. We find ourselves sifting through the rubble to find something we recognize. Raylan isn’t very Raylan this season. Rachel is a bitch on a power trip. Ava has somehow became a damsel in distress. Boyd is pretty much the same old double talking murderer but he is pretty much alone in his familiarity.

I admit I am baffled by the reviews of “Burned”, describing it as tense and exciting. Really?
Where was the tension? Was someone frightened by the sleazy politician from Parenthood playing cowboy with his six shooter. What a casting coup that is. Were their viewers that believed Boyd would blast through the vault during the party? That would really make it hard to fill up the remaining four episodes. Maybe some people were worried Duffy’s tan would be uneven after his unfortunate confrontation with Raylan and Art.

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The writers should have kept those “what would elmore do” bracelets. I am pretty sure he
would not have written this season’s story. It has been bad from beginning to end. The whole buying up land in Harlan is a weak plot. From Markham storing millions in a pizza place vault to everyone wanting to buy up land just in case Kentucky legalizes pot, the whole thing is a stretch.

This is the last season. It should be gritty, exciting, dangerous and hilarious. It is not. Instead we have to endure Kathryn Hale and her angst about her husband’s demise in prison. Guess what, I don’t care. I don’t give a damn about this character that was introduced last season and has somehow became an integral part of the this season.
This season should have been Raylan’s season. The last two seasons have not been Raylan’s.

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 Justified introduced us to the coolest character television has seen in decades. They have spent the last three seasons diminishing his role and changing his character. The creators owe us a Raylan season and it should be the best damn season of them all. Sadly that is not what they are giving us.

Instead we are given the hunt for Boyd. This plot is also ridiculous. Boyd is a small time criminal at best. Why in the world would the law go all out to get Boyd. Crowder has never managed to pull off one successful criminal endeavour. He would be right at home with the Apple Dumpling Gang. Bumbling, inept wannabe. The only things Boyd is good at is making speeches and murdering people. He should have became a motivational speaker. Long double speak speeches about how people can change their lives. If he could resist murdering someone, he could make a fortune.

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Ava is also too prominent in this season. The cold hearted, murdering madam is now a poor damsel in distress. Every episode features someone talking about the beauty of Ava. So once again i feel Ava has missed her calling. Since even prison guards fall in love with her at first glance, I think she should have became a supermodel or movie star. She is wasting her talents on murder and prostitution.

And then there is Raylan. Still feeling angst over his past. He wants to start a new life with Winona and Willa but he can’t quite let go of the past. I fail to see his big desire to see Boyd behind bars. He has no special grudge against Boydas far as I can tell. Why not just tell Rachel to get Crowder on her own. The whole thing was her idea to start with. Just blow it offand go to Florida. I guess that would make sense, which is not what this season is about.

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So to sum up this week’s episode “Burned”. Markham is burned because Loretta McCready throws in with Boyd (not sure how this will work since Boyd plans on blowing town), and the local folks will all sell to Loretta.

Boyd is burned when Zachariah chains him to the wall to be blown up. However, he is notsmart enough to knock him out, so Boyd’s loud cries for help reaches Carl. No tension here, who believed Boyd would blow up with 4 episodes to go?

Ava is burned when she realizes Raylan knows she is playing both sides of the field. Boyd believes she put Zachariah up to killing him. This love story is so sweet.

raylan & markham

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Raylan is burned when he fails to figure Boyd’s ineptness at pulling off any job. He is in the right place at the right time but Boyd’ blast fails to blow the vault. Rachel is upset. She is sitting behind that desk all day just waiting for Raylan to deliver Boyd to her. She whines about how getting what you want isn’t all that great.

So everyone is burned including the viewer. This mess limps forward to the finale. Four shows left. How will we bear the tension.

Tell us what you thought about “Burned” in the comments section.

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