Justified’s Raylan Givens Is On The Hunt For Fugitive Number One


By Penny Clift

Justified Season 6 Episode “Fugitive Number One” Review Miss it?  Watch it here

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The eleventh episode of Justified’s final season is entitled “Fugitive Number One“. This week finds the marshals performing a duty that actually falls under the U.S. Marshals Service’s list of duties, searching for a fugitive. I have always questioned why the Marshals would be involved in a criminal investigation. The U.S. Marshal Service hunts down fugitives, protects federal judges, transports federal prisoners and operates the Witness Protection Program. I doubt they would be involved in investigating petty criminals like Boyd Crowder.

I also find it amusing that the main focus is Boyd Crowder, who can’t even pull off one successful drug deal, and not the guy who carries around ten million dollars in cash. I have to believe Markham would be a much bigger score than Boyd. It still wouldn’t be a marshal duty but at least it would make more sense. But then this season hasn’t made much sense.


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Did the writers just get tired or experience extreme burn out? Did Yost’s love for Joelle Carter cloud the whole story process. Was there not one person who would stand upand say should we really make the last season about Raylan’s ex-girlfriend?
There are a lot of lessons in this season. Lesson number one – if you have ten million dollars don’t carry it around in cash. Lesson number two – If your husband is so bad you have to shoot him, don’t take up with his brother. Lesson number three – If your girl shot your brother maybe she is not the woman for you. Lesson number four – If your boss asks you to put your life off just a little longer in order to help her settle a personal grudge, tell her to go to hell. Lesson number five – Never trust someone you have seen commit multiple murders. Lesson number six – Never think your co-workers are your friends Lesson number seven – If your boss has betrayed you by throwing you under the bus, never ever free him and give him a gun.


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It seems the show is going the old lone lawman route. Everyone turns against Raylan. It is hard to believe that these people that have worked with him for years don’t seem to know him at all. Raylan is all about getting the bad guy. He lives for it. Every time he puts someone away, he is putting his father away. He is avenging his upbringing. He might take out a bad guy with a questionable method but he would never steal money and run. That is just not who he is. It is disappointing to see that the people he works with don’t get him at all.

All the accusations seem out of left field to me. Raylan sleeping with Ava. Where
does this come from? When would he have slept with her. Boyd was with her or had someone with her all the time. Accusing Raylan of planning with Ava to steal the money is also ridiculous. Where is the evidence. He didn’t shoot her so he is in on it with her.
In Justified land they can’t put people away with a mountain of evidence but Raylan they accuse with no evidence at all.

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Vasquez’s assertion that Ava did not hold up her end doesn’t really make sense. She told them about Boyd’s plan to tunnel under the vault. She took Raylan to Boyd and the money. That alone seems like it would have been enough to hold up her end of the bargain. She would have served Boyd and the money up on a silver plate. Wasn’t that the very deal she made?

Let’s breakdown this week’s action. Raylan is on the hunt for Ava who somehow managed to carry two large bags filled with money to wherever it was she met up with her uncle. No explanation of how she accomplished this or how she found Zachariah. The two hide out in a mine station until the marshals start circling. They then take off to find Grubes, the guy they believe can help them escape. This plan goes awry when they find Grubes dead in his shack.

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 Katherine ignores Markham’s warning to stay away from Duffy. She shows up at his RV to take her vengeance. After giving a little speech about how you always stand up for your partner, she pulls out a gun. However, her speech has stirred Mikey and he steps between her and Duffy. In a battle fit for a pulp fiction novel, Mikey and Katherine engage in a fight to the death. Katherine shoots Mikey multiple times as he throws her around the RV in a chokehold. Duffy holds Mikey as he dies, all the while eyeing the dead Katherine’s jewelry.

Markham gets Carl out of jail in an attempt to find out if Boyd knows where Ava has taken his money. Here is where lesson number one would have saved him a lot of grief. The crooked Harlan police help Markham out by luring Nelson away from guarding Boyd. Anyone else wonder why they sent the most inept marshal to guard their number one prisoner? Carl enters Boyd’s room, beats the crooked policeman and points his gun at Boyd demanding to know about the money. Carl know Boyd has betrayed him and yet he believes him when he says he will split the money with him if he will just free him. Boyd rewards him by shooting him. See lesson number seven.

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Raylan rescues Earl from the crooked policeman who are just about to hand him over to Markham. Raylan then visits Markham. After a tense standoff with Boon, who has had a custom hat made for himself, Raylan tells Markham that Katherine is dead. He warns Markham not to go after Ava or the money.

Earl tells Raylan about Grubes. Raylan calls Art, who has ordered him back to Lexington, to tell him to pick up Earl. He leaves his badge lying in the seat beside Earl. Art tells him he has 48 hours to find Boyd and Ava or he will be coming after him.

The stage is set. Raylan is on his own and he is on a mission. There will only be one man standing at the end. I am sure Raylan and Boon will face off before the end. I believe this will be over Loretta. He will be collateral damage however, as the story will come right back to that scene in Ava’s kitchen. Raylan, Boyd and Ava all armed and dangerous.

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