Justified Review Season 5 Episode 6 Kill the Messenger


Justified Review Season Five Episode 6:  Kill The Messenger

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After watching episode six “Kill the Messenger” I am not sure where to begin this review.  Every week I hope to see the show get back on track and every week I am disappointed.  This week was no exception.

There were so many illogical things in this episode it is hard to narrow them all down.  But first things first.  The main character of the show, anyway I believe he is still the main character, Raylan, maybe got ten minutes of screen time.  Maybe.

raylan kill the messenger

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Let’s start with Raylan’s tiny slice of the episode.  Art is mad at Raylan.  Art hits Raylan. Bam done with that.  I am tired of this whole scenario.  Raylan did something he could get in big trouble for yet again.  Let’s see this plot has shown up in every season so far.  Can’t we be done with it already.

Since the writers in their great wisdom have done away with every person connected to Raylan, thereby removing any storyline for him, we just get rehashed worn out plots

Next we see Raylan concerned for Allison after Danny Crowe runs her off the road.  Now the Raylan of old would have been off to exact his own brand of revenge on Danny.  But the new Raylan lets Rachel do it for him.  He stands aside as she beats the shit out of Danny.   He never mentions Allison to Danny and even though he has a man tied to a chair, Raylan lets them both skip away.  I have to wonder did they forget to mention Raylan has been in some terrible accident where he lost his balls?

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That pretty much concluded our hero’s participation in this episode except for one last scene with Allison.  Here the writers try to reduce the damage to Raylan’s manhood by having Allison state that it is killing him that he didn’t beat the crap out of Danny.  She tops that off by saying he is the kind of man who would run into a burning building but she thinks he is setting the fires.

This episode was like watching 4 different shows at once.  You need a scorecard to keep up.  And frankly I don’t give a damn about most of it.   I think the writers sat up late one night watching old black and white women in prison movies.  So now we have to endure their version of Women in Chains  through Ava.  What’s next?  The sadistic prison warden.  Think Strother Martin in Cool Hand Luke.  Ava could find herself in a sweat box next.   Maybe they can put her in some Daisy Dukes and have her break rocks in the hot sun.  Please make it stop.

This episode was all about the Crowes.  I don’t know about everyone else but 10 minutes of the Crowes is too many.  I can’t take whole episodes centered around them.  Elmore Leonard knew they were used best in small doses.  Too bad the Justified writers didn’t follow his wisdom.

Meanwhile Boyd deals and double deals and talks and says nothing.  I can’t keep up and I don’t care.

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Ok let’s talk about the nonsense things in this episode.  There were plenty.

Boyd wants to protect Ava so he has her put in the general population where all the things she needs to be protected from exist.  Makes sense right?  And just exactly how does Boyd have the pull to do this anyway?  My biggest question is how do you get sent to prison without going to trial?

I wonder if anyone else had to hold back a snicker when Ava was called young and beautiful.  Young really?  She is standing beside a 25 year old, beautiful girl and Ava is the young and beautiful one.  Well if 41 is young then okay.  But beautiful no.  She is pretty at best with makeup.  In prison with no makeup frankly she is not anywhere close to beautiful.  But her main worry seems to be her looks since after having her hair forcefully cut her main concern is trimming it up.

Boyd has had tons of money stolen from him and yet he continues to pull out big wads of cash.  He has no drugs to sell.  His bar must be doing really well.

And then there is poor Frank, the guy the Crowes move out of his own home.  Talk about a charitable guy.  Some strange woman tells him she and her brother are living in their car and he lets them move in his house!  What a big hearted guy.  This is not believable in any way.

Boyd is a small time player who gets screwed over again and again and yet big time drug dealers are just knocking at his door to do business with him.  Yeah right.

And then Boyd and the Crowes hook up.  Even though Boyd knows they are idiots, he is willing to get involved with the Crowe family.  I don’t buy it.



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Justified has gotten so off the track it is now hard to watch.  It is amazing that they can’t come up with a storyline for their main character.  Elmore Leonard managed a whole novel about Raylan.  But then again he remembered Raylan was the main player.  The novel was not about all the bad hillbillies in Kentucky or Boyd and Ava Crowder, iIt was about U.S Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens.  Justified writers have forgotten that fact, so now the show just meanders through drug dealers, murderers, dumb hillbillies and everything in between.

If I wanted to watch crazy violent hillbillies, I would just stream Deliverance.  I want the show I am promised every week, the show about U.S. Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens.

Well maybe the next episode which will air in two weeks on February 25th.

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