Justified Review Season Five Episode 11 The Toll

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Justified Review Season Five Episode 11 – The Toll-Miss this episode?  Watch it here

By Penny Cliftjustified the toll raylan bigger pic

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At last Justified gets back to the heart of the show.  This episode felt more like the Justified I know and love.  We finally get to see Raylan in his world as a marshal.

First I want to tip my hat to Nick Searcy’s wife, Leslie Riley, for a great job portraying Art’s wife.  She has done what nobody else has dared to do, set Raylan straight.  When Raylan gives her his picturesque view of Winona strolling through a park with their baby, she cuts right through his bull. “But you don’t know do you?  Because you’re not where you’re needed.  Where you can do the most good.”  With those words she tells Raylan he is not living up to his responsibilities – not with his daughter and not with Art.  I loved that scene.

It was no shock when we see Art get shot, after all they showed it in the teasers.  He clings to life in the hospital as the marshals go into overdrive to catch the shooter.  The event seems to pull the marshals together.  Tim even reaches out to Raylan in an invitation to chase down Darryl Crowe before the new chief arrives.  Surprisingly, Raylan turns him down after telling him “You don’t know Art as well as I do.”

 It was good to see the marshals working together.  Even Vasquez joins in the effort.  This is the most time we have spent in the office for quite a while.

justified the toll darryl & raylan

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Olyphant finally came alive in this episode.  The rest of the season he has just drifted through his scenes with an air of boredom.  This week Raylan had a new spark in his eye.  Raylan has a purpose and Darryl Crowe will undoubtedly feel his wrath.

 Get Free Shipping On All Domestic Orders Over $99This episode does see an old plot revisited.  Kendall confessing to Art’s shooting to cover for Darryl is shades of Arlo confessing to Boyd’s crime.  I considered Kendall might actually be the shooter but his story is BS, so I must conclude it was Darryl.

justified the toll raylan picker

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For the first time all season, the show flowed together with the exception of Ava’s part.  Ava’s story just does not belong.  It has gone way past the point of becoming weary.  When this plot appears it is as if we have been thrust into an entirely different show, one I don’t care to watch.  We can only hope this storyline ends soon.

While Boyds, story finally intersects with Raylan’s, I still find it redundant.  I suppose we were supposed to be shocked when Boyd blows up Picker with the cigarette package.  I wasn’t.  Were you?  The whole emphasis of the scene is on the package.  You knew it was coming.  So no big surprise.  The big surprise to me is why nobody in the hotel seems to react to an explosion.  I guess blood spattered Boyd  just strolls through the lobby and walks out.

justified season 5 the toll raylan

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I don’t quite understand why the writers were so determined to make sure that Raylan wasn’t a larger than life hero and yet they are ok with Boyd being a larger than life bad guy. . Raylan can’t be the rogue cop who shoots people every week with no consequences and is invincible.  Yet that is exactly the Boyd they seem to be creating.  He kills people every week and yet he is seemingly never questioned.  He outsmarts all his enemies with ease and overpowers everyone in the room.  I get the impression we are supposed to admire him.  I am sorry but if our admiration lies with the drug dealing, murderer what does that say about us?

I don’t know where the longest drug deal in history is going and I really don’t care much. The drug deal just keeps gaining new players (maybe because most of the old players are murdered).   Mary Steenburgen is yet another unnecessary character they have thrown at us.  I don’t see her relevance nor do I care for the character.

 I knew Rachel becoming chief was on the way.  It will be interesting to see how that plays out between her and Raylan.  Anyone remember the end of Season Four when everyone told Raylan he was going to get a big promotion for bringing in Drew Thompson.  Apparently the writers don’t remember as we have heard nothing about it since.  It is my considered opinion that Raylan would not want the chief’s job.  Desk duty is not for Raylan but still his promotion vanished rather quietly.

justified the toll darrly & raylan

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The stage is set for Raylan and Darryl’s faceoff.  Raylan tells him Art is the only man who means anything to him, so we can only imagine the lengths Raylan will go to in order to bring Darryl the retribution he deserves.  I am sure the last two episodes of the season will see Raylan doing his best to bring this about.

So all in all I enjoyed this episode.  It sets a lot of things in motion and leaves a lot of questions.

We will have to wait and see how things play out.


Favorite Lines

I had a couple ofl favorite lines.  Art to Allison about Raylan – “If I say it is child abuse will you take custody?”

Boyd “I guess this hotel takes that smoking rule more seriously than I thought. “

Vasquez “Both my grandmothers look like Edward James Olmos.”


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3 thoughts on “Justified Review Season Five Episode 11 The Toll

  1. Yes, this episode was MUCH better. Boyd blowing up Picker was over the top, but everything he does seems to be that way.

    The one thing I found annoying was that Darryl continued to insist that Raylan had killed Danny. Does the moron not realize that Danny, in his infinite, violent, rage-filled wisdom, tripped and fell in a hole (which was dug by Kendall) while trying to attack Raylan, and killed himself? Raylan never touched him. But I guess the writers figure he has to have a reason to be mad at Raylan, so will blame him anyway. He should be equally mad at Kendall for digging the hole and not telling Danny where it was. Maybe that was how he got Kendall to take the rap for Art’s shooting.

    I agree, though, that this episode was a thousand percent better than the last several, and am looking forward to the last two episodes and the ultimate showdown between Darryl and Raylan. I think Rachel will make a great interim chief, too. Honestly, Raylan never had a shot since he is the office troublemaker, and Art knows it. And a desk job would never suit Raylan; he is too much of a cowboy.

    I swear Tim gets more handsome every time I see him, and at least this week we got to see quite a lot of him! Thankfully!

    • I too wondered why the Crowes kept saying Raylan killed Danny. Danny killed himself. I can only assume they blame Raylan for confronting him.

      I might be in the minority but I don’t think Rachel will make a good chief. I doubt she could handle Raylan at all. But I saw this coming so guess we will see how it plays out.

      At least Olyphant got a lot of screen time for a change. Let’s cross our fingers it will continue!

  2. Let’s not sell Rachel short. She has proven time and again that she can hold her own with the boys. (Remember that great “little sister” scene between Rachel and Limehouse?) And let’s face it, Art doesn’t even handle Raylan, really. Raylan listens to Art more than he ever did anyone, but still goes off and does what he wants.

    Just my opinion, though. I really hope that Art doesn’t die. That would truly suck. Nick Searcy has come a long way from playing Lucus Buck’s sniveling deputy on American Gothic, and I’d like to see him finish out the show with a truly iconic character.

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