Justified Review “Weight” Episode 10

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Justified Season Five Review: Weight-Miss this episode watch it here
by Penny Clift

justified weight raylan

Raylan talks to Art

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Episode 10

Well here we are only three episodes left to go. I hardly know where to begin with this week’s Justified episode, much like the writers. It was just another big mess.

Watching Justified is now like watching several different shows playing out in the same hour. The story jumps around so much you just don’t care anymore by the end. This week we were introduced to yet another character, Duffy’s ex-wife, as if we didn’t have too many characters already. For the life of me, I do not understand why the writers create so many dull, unnecessary characters. What is wrong with the characters who have been along for the ride since the beginning?

Let’s see how many storylines and dull characters we racked up this week.

Raylan talks with Wendy and Daryl Crowe

Raylan talks with Wendy and Daryl Crowe

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The Crowes

We have the most impotent group of weak minded criminals ever created on the show, the Crowes. For some reason the writers assume we care about these characters and so they create backstories for them. They are wrong. I do not care to know all the terrible angst that goes on in the Crowes’ lives. I don’t care about Wendy hiding the fact she is Kendall’s mother. I don’t care about the fact that Kendall is unhappy with his situation. I don’t care about Danny grieving over his dog. Although I had more sympathy for the dog dying than Danny. And last but not least I do not care about Daryl and his pyschotic need to keep his dysfunctional family together. Why do we have to see every facet of these people’s lives?

justified weight raylan 2

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At least this episode relieves us of Danny. Yet even in this showdown with Raylan where Danny once again raises the 21 foot rule, Raylan wins by default. God forbid Raylan actually takes a criminal out. No instead Danny falls and stabs himself. Just one of Justified’s quirky ways to get killed obsession.


Just when we think we have seen the last of Allison, she pops up again. This time Kendall turns to her for help. Apparently Allison is the kind of social worker who believes sending him back to the home he seeks asylum from is the right thing to do. Even though he has been removed from the home, she has never checked on him since her incident with Danny. He is back at the whorehouse tending bar, not attending school and not back in Florida. But hey she is too busy smoking pot to care about those things I guess.

Boyd Crowder

Boyd has almost become as impotent as Raylan. He shouts and threatens but in the end he is ineffective as ever. He does attempt to get the prison guard who set Ava up to right his wrong in one of the most ridiculous scenes in the show’s history. The guard did it all for love. Wait. What? He took one look at Ava and fell in love. Since he loved her so much, he stabbed himself and sent her off to prison like anyone in love would do. This story so melted Boyd’s heart he let him go. Yeah that makes sense. Right?

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justified weight wynn duffy

Wynn Duffy

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Wynn Duffy

In another scene that stretches the imagination to the breaking point, Duffy has called in his ex-wife to help him. Apparently for fifty thousand dollars she can sit down with Boyd and the Detroit mob guy and tell him which one should be his partner. Wow. Quite a talent. She knows more about his business than he does even though until now we didn’t know she existed. I liked not knowing she existed. Why? That is all I can say.

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Ava Crowder

Aww Ava. She is so alluring in prison, guards fall in love with her on sight. Guess they don’t know how her last marriage ended. If she makes your favorite dinner, you better look out. I HATE this storyline. It has nothing to do with the plot of the show. It is a cliche filled adventure of women in prison. Ava with two murders under her belt, just can’t work it up for number three. She has to kill in self defense of course, she is too sweet to do otherwise. I wonder if the writers have a clue that most people began to detest Ava when she beat the crap out of poor Ellen Mae. They seem to think we are on her side. I am not. I want her to go away and I don’t mean to prison, I mean from my television screen.

Dewey Crowe and Dickie Bennett

justified weight raylan dickie

Dickie tries to make a deal with Raylan

This week we see Dewey once again. Except he is no longer the funny comic relief we had previously loved. He is now just another killer trying to double cross his pals. Of course he turns to old pal Dickie Bennett, who of course double crosses him by calling Raylan. Let’s hope Dickie catches a cold and dies in prison so we don’t have to see him again.

Dewey of course is too stupid to pull his double cross off, but he does survive.

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Justified weight art

Chief Deputy Marshal Art Mullen

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Art Mullen

We finally do get to see Art but he is still being an ahole. Art gets stuck in the show right at the end. We wouldn’t want to have to see too much of the marshals.

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Raylan Givens

Finally we get to the guy who used to be the main character. The show has given up on main characters, they now just throw people at us and hope we think they are important. Raylan wanders in and out of the story. He is looking for Dewey. In order to have him appear in the storyline, he gets to visit the Crowes and Dickie Bennett. He never does find Dewey. Raylan’s part of the show seems surreal, like he is in a different show altogether and just sometimes wanders over into the Bad Guys of Harlan by mistake. It is my personal belief that Raylan should shoot the Justified writers for what they have done to his character.

The Sum of the Total

Once again a mediocre episode with too many plotlines, too many characters and not enough Raylan. As an experiment I DVR’d each segment in which Raylan appeared. Fifteen minutes out of one hour and 15 minutes. The main character didn’t even get a fourth of the show. That is the problem in a nutshell. Justified no longer knows what it is about. And it shows, oh boy does it show.


Art is shot next week and of course everyone will blame Raylan. My money is on Kendall as the shooter. Anyone else got a guess?

justified weight danny crowe

That 21 foot rule didn’t work out well for Danny

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Favorite Line

Raylan to Danny – “Shit Danny. I would’ve said somethin. I swear to God I didn’t see it either. “

That is it for this week. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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