Justified Season 5 Episode 12 Review Starvation


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By Penny Clift

Justified Season Five Episode 12 Review: Starvation – Did you miss this episode?      Watch it here

This week brings us up to the finale.  This episode is all about the trouble our main characters find in their lives.  The episode seemed to drag along.  When I think back to Season One and the buildup to the season finale “Bulletville”, this year just doesn’t have the same excitement.   Season One built the tension and conflicts masterfully and they all came together in one explosive episode in “Bulletville”.  But alas, that was then and this is now.

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So let’s take a look at what is going on in this year’s next to last episode.

Raylan and Ava from Season 1

Raylan and Ava from Season 1

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Let’s start with Ava and get her out of the way.  I have said it all year, I hate this storyline.  It is not up to Justified standards.  It stretches the believable factor to the breaking point.

Ava goes to prison and never has a trial.  Prisoners are housed in a dormitory like setting.  I don’t know if this is real or not but I find it doubtful.  This arrangement would be dangerous for prisoners and guards alike.  The prisoners seem to roam around freely from bunks to bathroom to prison chapel.  I don’t believe a maximum security prison would operate this way.  The murder rate in this women’s prison seems unrealistically high.  I don’t believe prisoners kill each other every other day, especially women.

Ava in prison

Ava in prison. Isn’t she lovely?

This storyline has been a drag on the whole season.  It is unbelievable and seems to exist just for Joelle Carter.  It interrupts the flow of the show and has nothing to do with the other running plotlines.

That being said, Raylan and Ava cross paths for the first time in a long time.  Raylan seems both soft and hard toward Ava.  I believe he feels sorrow at seeing the plight Ava has ended up in and yet he is on a mission.  He offers her a deal and she turns it down.  Later when she tries to take the deal, he tells her it is too late.  He once again shows his soft spot for her when he reluctantly tells her Boyd made a deal and it did not include her.

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justified Starvation Raylan & Boyd

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It seems Boyd has run out of people to double deal.  The Mexican cartel is looking for him.  The Marshals are squeezing him for information on Darryl Crowe.  Boyd seems to have run out of options.

He chooses the Marshals as the lesser of two evils as he knows the Mexicans are looking for him.  He agrees to wear a wire in an attempt to trap Darryl into confessing to Art’s shooting.


Wendy and Darryl Crowe

Wendy and Darryl Crowe

The Crowes

From Darryl to Dewey, the Crowes are an unlikeable bunch.  Dewey is on his usual fool’s mission.  He is shot at by an old woman as he steals gas from her car, gets into a fight with a client at Audrey’s over his gator tooth necklace and finally breaks in on Boyd and Darryl’s meeting.   Dewey takes the heroin Boyd has brought to Darryl and confesses to killing Wade Messer all in one swoop.  But the only new life waiting for Dewey is prison as the marshals greet him on his way out.
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Wendy Crowe just might be the most despicable of the bunch.  She whines.  She cries. She pops pills.  She left her son in the care of the idiot brothers for years and now she feels bad.  Somehow I can’t garner much sympathy for her.

 I can’t help but wonder if Raylan is barking up the wrong tree.  Maybe Kendall is the guilty party.  We don’t know.  But when Wendy says to Raylan “Have you ever considered the obvious?”, it gives me pause.

As for Darryl, the sooner someone relieves us of him the better.  If I have to hear Rappaport’s attempts at a Southern accent much longer, I might pop him myself.

Raylan The Toll post


Raylan seems to have lost his balance.  Art is Raylan’s compass and now Art is not around.  Raylan seems to be filled with rage.  He has become hard.  He is a single minded man on a mission and he has no compassion for anyone in his way.  I must say his threat to Ava seemed too out of character for me.  I just couldn’t reconcile Raylan’s character with threatening to see Ava killed in prison.

Raylan is determined to see Darryl Crowe pay for Art’s shooting and heaven help anyone who gets in his way.  The only thing that gave him pause was Boyd accusing him of being part of Nicky Augustine’s murder.  It is perhaps the only time I have seen fear cross Raylan’s face.

He handled it well keeping silent as Rachel and Tim dismissed Boyd’s accusation.  They told Boyd there were sworn affidavits attesting to the fact that the rogue FBI agent was the lawman present and the case was closed.  He did not admit or deny anything.

The Wrap Up


I found it odd nobody even mentioned Art’s condition in this episode.  We can only hope he is getting better.


Everything is set up for the eventual showdown next week.  Will Ava survive?  How will Boyd avoid being skinned by the Mexican cartel?  How far will Raylan go to get Darryl Crowe?  Will Duffy get his RV back?  Tune in next week to find out.


Favorite Lines

Raylan to Dewey “Stop talking about yourself in the third person.  Makes you sound like a fool.”

Dewey replies “Third person?  This guy?  I don’t understand you Raylan.”

Boyd’s bartender after being shot in the knee.   “This is the worst job in the world.”

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2 thoughts on “Justified Season 5 Episode 12 Review Starvation

  1. Truly I worry what they are going to do to Raylan in the last season. I do not want Raylan to die. He’s flawed, and sure you could say he’s an angry man, but truthfully after everything he’s been through, and the remarkable lack of support he has got from everyone (from Art to Winona and almost everyone in between), it’s hardly a surprise he screws up from time to time. I haven’t seen this season yet (and it will be a while before I do, probably have to wait for the US DVDs, as hopeless Channel 5 won’t be buying the last two seasons (they suck, British television gives us crap reality and game shows… oh the joys).

    Tim has brought to life an incredible character. His performance is amazing, I am absolutely stunned that he hasn’t scored an emmy for his work. It is partly because of this that I want Raylan to bow out alive and still kicking.

    • I totally agree that people in Raylan’s life don’t exactly have his back. He has no family and the woman he chose (Winona) isn’t a stand by your man kind of gal.
      I sincerely hope they don’t have the audacity to kill Elmore Leonard’s character. Elmore didn’t kill him so I believe he lives on for eternity as Leonard is he only one with the right to kill him. Killing Raylan would make the 6 years we have spent with him seem a waste of time.

      Let’s hope the writers get their stuff together and make Season 6 one that would make Elmore Leonard proud. Besides the chances of a Raylan movie would be pretty slim if he is dead.

      You can watch this season on Amazon here is the first episode of Season Five

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