Justified Season 5: Episode 8: Whistle Past the Graveyard Review


Justified Season Five Episode 8 Review:  Whistle Past the Graveyard

by Penny Clift

“Whistle Past the Graveyard” is episode eight of the current season of Justified.  I wish I had something good to say about this episode but sadly I do not.  I can’t help but feel when Elmore Leonard died he took the soul of Raylan Givens and Justified to the grave with him.  Mr. Leonard knew how to tell a compelling story, a trait this season’s writers do not share.

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Raylan’s Folly

This week Raylanbegins his vacation.   He asks Allison to join him on a trip to Florida to see his daughter baby Givens.  Raylan’s daughter doesn’t seem to have a name.    She agrees to go albeit reluctantly.  He brings along a swimsuit as a gift seemingly to entice her.  Now I could write a whole page on how unlikely I think it is that Raylan Givens would go into a store and buy a swimsuit for a lady but I will refrain. raylan whistle past the graveyard leanng on carGet Raylan’s Horseshoe Ring here


We all know they will never make that trip.  Raylan is drawn off on an errand for Wendy Crowe instead.  Her brother Kendall is missing and so she calls Raylan.  I guess I missed the story where Wendy and Raylan’s relationship evolved to the point where she considered him an ally.

This whole plot is just filler to give Raylan something to do because he has no storyline in this year’s show.  We learn Wendy is really Kendall’s mother and Uncle Jack is really his father.  I guess this is supposed to be a big shock, but it is not given the fact I could care less about the Crowe’s relationships. Raylan witt whistle past the graveyard What Would Raylan Givens Do Shirt Get it here

Since they threw it out there though let’s analyze it.  What reason did Wendy have to pretend Kendall was her brother?  What did she gain from this deception.  It isn’t like being a single mother is a big deal these days.  She could have given him up for adoption if she wasn’t ready to be a mother but no she made the mind boggling decision to pretend he is her brother and turn him over to her psychopathic kin.  Good move.   Totally believable right?  It seems now though she feels a little bad about the whole situation.  Seems a little late and a little ridiculous.

But in the most unbelievable move in the story, Raylan gives Kendall his radio winnings that was going to finance his trip to Florida.  Huh?  I get that Raylan identifies with Kendall and feels for him, but to hand him a couple thousand dollars.  I just know Kendall will put it in his college fund.

The best part of this plot was veteran actor William Forsythe.   Mr Forsythe would make a much more formidable villain that Michael Rappaport could ever hope to be.  But in typical fashion he is underused in a bit part and caught up in yet another incomprehensible plot.

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With that all wrapped up, Raylan returns to Allison who tells him the news we all saw coming.  Not only is she not going to Florida, she is breaking up with him.  This leaves me to wonder what the hell was the  point of her character?  If this is truly the last of her, then I am afraid it leaves me to scratch my head.  This story, this character, this relationship had no point whatsoever.  It did not move the story, it did not add to the plot, it was apparently just more filler for Raylan.

I know we are supposed to believe that somehow all Raylan’s relationship failures are his fault.  I don’t see it that way.  I challenge the writers to give Raylan a woman with a little character, a stand by your man kind of woman.  His women are users or cut and run when things get tough women.  Here is where they went wrong with Ava.  She could have been that woman, instead of the murdering madam she became. Sad.

I truly hope I am wrong and they are not heading into a Raylan and Wendy Crowe thing. Olyphant and Witt have zilch chemistry.  I don’t believe Raylan would get involved with Wendy Crowe under any circumstances.   I remember Alicia Witt when she played Cybill Shepherd’s daughter in Cybill.  She couldn’t act then and she hasn’t improved over the years.   We can only hope that isn’t where we are headed.

Boyd’s Endless Drug Deal

Boyd is still in Mexico involved in the longest drug deal in history.  In reality none of these idiots would have made it out of this situation alive and yet they do.  Oh joy.  We can see more of this boring plot next week. Who will be murdered next?  Who will double cross who for the millionth time?  And who is left that still cares?  Tune in next week to see.

Ava Still in Chains

Ava is still in prison.  I still don’t care.

To Sum It All Up

This season shows no resemblance to the show I fell in love with in Season One or Seasons One through Four for that matter.  It is a hodgepodge of unrelated stories and incomprehensible plots that do not intertwine.

Olyphant, the star of the show is relegated to an uninteresting side character who wanders through the scenes with an air of boredom.  Maybe he realizes it is time to get out.  The stories have no cohesion, the plots are boring and the ratings are down.  For the first time I am reading comments from people saying they have quit watching.  It is sad.  It seems Justified is going to go out with a whimper instead of a bang.

Favorite Line

Sorry I can’t put a favorite line from this episode because there wasn’t one. Let us know what you thought of “Whistle Past the Graveyard” in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Justified Season 5: Episode 8: Whistle Past the Graveyard Review

  1. Your comments each week echo my thoughts almost exactly. I don’t know who is writing the episodes this year, but they truly suck. I loved everything about this show and now I almost find myself urging it to be over already. I adore Timothy Olyphant and he deserves so much better. When he became a producer, the show got even better, but it’s almost like they aren’t letting him have any input at all this year. I just don’t get it. If it weren’t for the brief moments they are letting him have this year, I would have stopped watching, too. (Sorry, he’s so gorgeous, I just have to watch, even if it is aggravating!)

    Honestly, I never liked the whole Allison storyline from the beginning. Just the way they met and suddenly were involved just seemed too fast and unbelievable to me. You’re right, there’s no way Raylan would have bought a bathing suit for a woman; just not his style. And I don’t buy that he would have asked her to go to Florida in the first place, when he knows how Winona feels about him (and he about her). Even if he hid Allison away in a hotel room somewhere, Winona would know and that would hurt her even more. I don’t think Raylan is that big of a jerk.

    I also don’t buy that he would have used the “caller #7” scam that kid told him about a few episodes ago. Again, not Raylan’s style. The bounty hunter side-gig I get, but not that. So where they are coming up with this stuff I have no idea.

    And strangely enough I kind of liked Johnny Crowder and they just snuff him out, just like that. He should have died in season 1 but didn’t and I always thought that was a great plot twist. For him to end like that in the middle of a ridiculous screwed up drug deal is incomprehensible.

    I’m with you about William Forsythe, too. He should have had a much bigger role. He’s a much better actor than Michael Rappaport will ever be. Again, I just don’t get it.

    I hope someone that matters reads your blogs about the show. I haven’t been able to find anything on the FX website where people can post their comments, unless it’s just on Facebook or Twitter, which I don’t subscribe to. Someone on their writing staff needs to get a clue, now!

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