Justified Season Five Episode 9 Review: Wrong Roads

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Where to start with this week’s episode, “Wrong Roads”. The title could be describing the whole of Season Five. They have taken so many wrong roads I don’t know where to begin.

I guess I will just list all the things that I find is a wrong road in this week’s episode. So here goes.

All The Wrong Roads

1. This is the description of Justified listed on the FX website. Based on Elmore Leonard’s novella Fire in the Hole, Justified was developed by Graham Yost and stars Timothy Olyphant as ‘Deputy US Marshal Raylan Givens,’ a lawman who finds himself drawn back to his home state of Kentucky.

That description no longer fits the show we are given.  Frankly I don’t know what this show is about anymore.  A whole lot of nothing mostly.

 2.  I have never seen a show try to cram so many characters in one episode.  They bring in more and more characters and give us backstories that we care nothing about.  You need a scorecard to keep up with the players.

3.  I can’t help but feel someone must have owed Joelle Carter a big favor.  How else can you explain the women in chains storyline that is totally out of place in this show.  I have not read one comment from someone who likes this plot.   Go back to Season One and watch Ava.  Now see if you still recognize her as the same character.  I love her moral center.  She won’t have sex with a guard but she will smuggle drugs and kill fellow inmates.  Nice she draws the line somewhere.  Still no explanation of how she ended up in prison without ever having a trial.  Ava was supposed to spend her time in prison evaluating who she is and who she wants to be.  I guess she has settled on drug dealing murderer.  No spiritual awakening or growth here.  So what is the point of this whole mess?   This plot is total BS and I mostly tune it out.

4.  FX has actually compared Boyd and Ava to Romeo and Juliet.  Well maybe if Romeo and Juliet had been drug dealing, murdering pimps instead of two fourteen year old kids in love.  Ridiculous.

5.  And then we have the Crowes.  Never have there been a more irritating, uninteresting bunch of moron criminals.  They might have been bearable in one episode but not a whole season.  Michael Rappaport’s Brooklyn Kentucky accent is like fingernails on a  chalkboard.  They have totally ruined the character of Dewey.  He is no longer a harmless, bumbling, wannabe tough guy.  Alas, he is just another murderer among many.

6.  Then we have Wendy and Kendall Crowe.  For some reason the writers think we care to know all about these characters.  I don’t.  Justified has spent 5 seasons with perfectly good characters which they underdevelop such as Tim, Rachel and Art.  In five seasons we have gotten less story on the marshals than we have on Wendy and Kendall Crowe.  They introduce characters we are not connected to and then proceed to give them a soap opera storyline.  Sorry, I don’t give a damn about their story.

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7.  I stated last week I didn’t believe Raylan would hand Kendall Crowe two thousand dollars.  The Raylan of old was not that stupid.  And what does Kendall do?  He hides it in a drawer.  He knows all about his kin and yet the best hiding place he can think of is a drawer.  I guess he is a moron just like his kinfolk.

8.  Boyd’s never ending drug deal grew tiresome several episodes ago.  The constant double dealing is cliche and overdone.  This week’s murder of a dying old man illustrates Boyd’s character.  So I am sorry to all the Boyd lovers but just because he steps out of the truck and turns his back while letting someone else do his dirty work, does not absolve him of this cold blooded, heartless murder.

9.  On the subject of the old man’s murder, who believes this man, knowing Boyd has come to kill him, is going to get in a vehicle with him.  He actually believes Boyd is taking him to some paradise to live out his days.   That is so totally unbelievable it is funny.


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10.  And just like the writers of Justified, I have saved Raylan for last.  Raylan still just wanders around in the story like a lost puppy.  He has no real storyline.  He has become an uninteresting bit player in his own story.  The best thing about Raylan’s part this week was seeing himself in DEA agent Miller.  Miller’s obvious connection to Hot Rod was akin to the way Raylan relates to some of his bad guys.  Miller’s disconnect to his kids and his bending of the rules, all classic Raylan.  I guess we will see if this makes Raylan evaluate himself.


Too many plots, too many characters and too many unrelated stories.  The story should revolve around the main character not ramble off in twelve unrelated directions.  The show has no focus and no continuity.

The writers are trying to set Raylan and Boyd on a collision course.  The problem is they have went a million miles out of their way to do it.  This season is just a bunch of boring filler with no real purpose other than to bring Raylan and Boyd to a conflict point.   There were much better ways to do it.

I am sure the final season will end in the ultimate Raylan and Boyd conflict.  The journey should have been much more interesting one.

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Best Line – Art “I am still the boss.  If I say you’re not here, you’re not here. “

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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