Review Season 5 Episode 7: Raw Deal

Justified Season Five Episode 7 Raw Deal Review:

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This week’s episode of Justified is titled “Raw Deal, and a raw deal it was indeed.   Each week I think Season Five has nowhere to go but up but each week I am proven wrong.

Raw Deal presents us with what equates to three different shows.  None of the storylines are connected.  The episode plodded along with boring determination.  Raylan’s participation in this week’s episode was confusing at best.

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We are introduced to a one legged man who is some kind of computer nerd who has somehow stolen money from a gambling site.  At least I think that was it.  This plot had so many holes it left more questions than answers.  Which writer thought this was an interesting use of Raylan’s time?

Olyphant walks through this episode like he is planning his weekend.  He is bored.  Raylan is bored.   The audience is bored.  You see a pattern here?

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Meanwhile we find Rachel has somehow became boss of the office.  When did this happen.  Anyone remember the end of Season Four when everyone congratulated Raylan on capturing Drew Thompson?  What happened to the big promotion everyone said he was sure to get.  No mention of that in Season Five.  Instead he is back to being a lackey because Art is mad at him. I find Art’s reaction just a trifle childish.

Rachel is the by the book kind of marshal that makes a perfect fit into the bureaucracy of being chief.  She will never be a marshal of Raylan’s caliber.  She is married to the book and will be buried with the book or perhaps because of it.  Raylan knows bad guys don’t play by the book and sometimes in order to bring the bad guy down you have to bend the rules.  That is why Raylan gets his man most of the time.  Raylan knows the thing waiting for you in the dark only goes by one rule – kill or be killed.

Art on the other hand is a hypocrite.  He ties a man to a chair and beats him with a phone book to get information about a friend’s murder but gets incensed when Raylan makes sure a mafioso threatening his family is taken out.  A mafia hit on a mafia thug.  Bad guys killing bad guys.  By Raylan’s logic that solves his problem and leaves one less murdering bad guy in the world.  I can sympathize with his logic.

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Art however continues on his quest to punish Raylan.  It is an overdone plot on this show and it grows tiresome. We all know what makes Raylan tick.   Raylan knows, Art knows, everyone in the office knows so why do we have to go down this road every season.  It seems to fit into the writer’s pattern of removing everyone that means anything to Raylan.  Art is just the last thing to go.

I used to love Miami Vice back in the 80’s.  The writers had the same bent on destroying Sonny Crockett by taking away everyone close to him.  I quit watching.  I don’t enjoy seeing the hero slowly destroyed.  Not then and not now.

Raylan has asked for a transfer.  I am hoping to a different show, one that remembers the central character.

Allison was suspended from her job because of Wendy Crowe.  I find this ridiculous.  Someone from a family that has had a child removed from the home walks in and tells her boss what?  Informs her about cases Allison was involved with over 5 years.  Doesn’t she already know about those.  And I am sure they did a background check on her before hiring her, so they should have known about her pot bust.  Not believable in any way.

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Unfortunately we saw more women in chains this week.  I will become a member of the Free Ava camp if only it will make this plot go away.  I find the whole thing cliche. To borrow a line from a great movie,  frankly my dear I don’t give a damn.

And then there is Boyd.  I have to admit I didn’t pay that much attention to this story.  Just more cross, double cross, drugs and murder.  More psycho Danny Crowe.  He is over the top and unbelievable.  How many drug deals gone bad do we have now?  Anyone keep up?  Anyone still care?

It breaks my heart to see how Justified has evolved into this mess.  It is like watching 3 different shows.  There is no continuity and no flow.  The stories are half baked and boring.  The actors seem bored.  And alas, so too is the audience.

Favorite Line:

Art to Raylan “you going on your own dime?”

Raylan-“I won it in a radio contest”

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2 thoughts on “Review Season 5 Episode 7: Raw Deal

  1. Ha! I loved the Miami Vice reference. I, too, loved MV and Don Johnson’s character (and how yummy Don was back then!) until they started messing with his psyche, couldn’t tell right from wrong anymore, etc. I stopped watching, too, and had been totally married to that show. It is such a shame that Justified seems to be going down that road, too. There was a little more screen-time for Raylan this week, but you’re right, what was he really doing? And Art needs to get over it already, especially since we don’t even know exactly what Raylan told him. Presumably only some version of the truth, but doubtfully the whole truth. That would have been an interesting conversation to see – why would the writers completely cut that out? Doesn’t make sense to me. The Crowes need to be blown away, now, and Ava needs to get shanked in prison so we can get a new, better story line! Maybe you and I should be the writers! I think we could do way better!

    • I believe that when Raylan said I can tell you for sure it wasn’t the FBI agent there that was the complete conversation. It is his way of telling Art without confessing thus forcing Art to do something.
      Glad to meet a fellow MV fan. I agree we would probably write a better show for our favorite marshal.
      Oh yes Let’s start the shank Ava campaign. LOL

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