Olyphant Becomes Driven in Latest Movie Project


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Well it is Monday again.  The weekend flies by doesn’t it?

There is some great Olyphant news to cheer up Tim fans this Monday morning.  Olyphant has been cast in the move “Driven”.   He will costar alongside Jason Sudeikis and Lee Pace.
Sudeikis plays a con man who turns FBI informant.  Olyphant will play his FBI handler.

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The story follows an FBI sting on car designer John DeLorean, played by Pace.  Delorean agrees to a cocaine smuggling operation in order to provide funding for his car company.
The movies is described as an edge of your seat, character driven and comic wink to the world of power suits, discos and vice.

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 Sounds like it is going to be a fun movie to watch!  What do you think of Olyphant’s latest venture?  Let us know in the comments.
Which of Tim's Movies are you most excited in seeing?

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