Raylan Givens Costume Photos


by Penny Clift
raylan up against car

raylan full suit

We are starting to receive some of our readers costume pictures.  We asked for pics from anyone donning a Raylan costume during Halloween.  We were very pleased to see there were some Raylan lookalikes this Halloween.

Enjoy the pics.  If you have a pic you would like to share with us please send it our email admin@timothyolyphantjustified.com . We will post it on our page.

Tell us what you think.

raylan costume

Great Raylan Costume from a fan in New Zealand.



Alexxander raylan costume

Alexander dresses as Raylan. We think he did a great job!

Learn how to get your own Raylan look here

Halloween is a great time to tell scary stories!  It is a fun time of year that sees the leaves turn and children begin to whisper about costumes and treats.  Adults are not left out of the season.  Those great parties are calling and with them the decision of what costume is best.  Check this page out to see some great couple costume choices. Best Couple Halloween Costumes 2018

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