Timothy Olyphant The Best Thing About Mother’s Day


By Penny Clift


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I finally got a chance to see Timothy Olyphant’s new film “Mother’s Day” over the weekend. I have to say Mr. Olyphant is very fine on the big screen.

I thought I would share my experience with everyone. If you haven’t seen the film yet I will issue a spoiler alert before I begin.

Now I have to admit I can enjoy Olyphant’s part in any film but that is not to say the film is a good one. “Mother’s Day” is one of those not so good films.

It seems that every film made nowadays tries to include every politically correct issue that exists. It does not make for a believable movie. It seems the movie only exists to showcase “diversity”.


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We have two sisters, Kate Hudson and Sarah Chalke, who have moved from their Texas home to Georgia. Hudson is married to a man from India and Chalke is married to her lesbian partner. What are the odds?

Their ridiculous story centers around the fact that neither have revealed to their parents that they are married. Hudson has a son with her husband while Chalke has adopted her partner’s son.


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The parents, Margo Martindale and Robert Pine, are right out of the stereotype manual. They are from Texas therefore they are uneducated bigots who raised their daughters in a trailer park (they didn’t seem like trailer park dwellers to me).

The problem arises when they pay a surprise visit to their daughters and learn the truth. Of course husband is mad his wife lied about her parents. Parents are mad that they were kept in the dark. I suppose hilarity was supposed to ensue but that didn’t happen. I found this storyline unbelievable and downright stupid.

mothers day sceneUp to 40% Off on BBQ Sets – Sports Fan Shop with free shipping and No Tax!!! Olyphant’s character, Henry, is Jennifer Aniston’s ex-husband. They share joint custory of their two boys and seem to enjoy a friendly divorce. Their story would have made a good film on its own, however, in “Mother’s Day” their time is limited so much of what could have been never was. We did not get to see any of the story from Henry and his new wife’s point of view. Most of their story was centered on Aniston and her angst at Henry’s new young wife. No depth to any of the characters. We never get to see the new wife’s dilemma of trying to find her place in her new family.

tim mothers day interview 4Justified: Season 2 (Special Edition Blu-ray Set with Bonus T-Shirt) [Blu-ray] The other stories centered around a man, Jason Sudekis, who still grieves for his wife after a year. He is raising two daughters. This is more been there, seen that stuff. His oldest daughter seemed way to dismissive of his grief. She even goes so far as to tell her dad it has been a year it is time to move on. I found it a little cold.

The last story concerned a young couple who had a child together but were unmarried. The mother did not want to get married. She was adopted as a child and somehow this has turned her against the whole marriage and family idea. She tracks her real mother down. Turns out it is HSN personality played by Julia Roberts.  


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Of course Roberts comes to visit her and gives her my parents made me give you up. I really didn’t want to so to make up for it I have a career. This whole story is extremely insulting on so many levels. I will let you form your own opinions on this one.

Of course they get the happy ending. After meeting her mom she wants to marry her man. New mom pays for their wedding and attends to give the bride away and of course to bond with her new grandchild.



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I didn’t want to believe the bad reviews of this movie, but after seeing it for myself, I can see they were justified. So many cliches you can’t count them all.
Well I hope I didn’t ruin it for anyone. If you want to see the movie for Timothy Olyphant, do it. He is worth the price of admission and the movie isn’t so terrible it is unbearable. It is just Olyphant deserves something so much better. Come on Hollywood can’t you see the next Clint Eastwood when you see him?

Tell me what you think in the comments below.

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