Timothy Olyphant Makes Out With Mindy Kaling Sneak Peek


Mindy and Tim

                                      Mindy and Tim

Timothy Olyphant will be guest starring on the Mindy Project Tuesday November 5th on the Fox Network.  He plays an aging skateboarder who romances Mindy.

Check out the video below

We have also learned that Tim has been replaced by Patrick Wilson for the lead in The Man on Carrion Road.  Seems his Justified schedule conflicted with the shooting schedule of the movie so he had to drop out. Not good news for Olyphant fans.

We can however enjoy his quirky brand of humor in his guest starring spot in the Mindy Project.  Don’t miss it!

One thought on “Timothy Olyphant Makes Out With Mindy Kaling Sneak Peek

  1. I love Tim’s quirky humour, and since he ticks every single one of my “Perfect Man” boxes in this guest appearance, I am sincerely hoping that someone will screen cap the heck out of this episode. And for the record, Tim looks gorgeous with long hair and a pony tail.

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