Timothy Olyphant Rolling Stone and the End of Justified

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Timothy Olyphant recently sat down with Rolling Stone Magazine to discuss racism, the modern west and replica Stetson hats. The interview covers a lot of interesting topics, including Olyphant’s thoughts on whether Raylan Givens is an anti-hero or just a hero hero. He also discusses guns, modern rural America and a advice on getting a woman.

It was also announced at the TCA Winter Press Tour that season 6 will be the final season of the FX Series Justified. The announcement was made by FX’s President of Progamming John Landgraf.

Landgraf lamented that FX would have liked to have had 7 seasons of Justified but series star and producer Timothy Olyphant and producer Graham Yost had made the decision to end the series after 6 seasons. Olyphant and Yost stated that they felt the story they had to tell would end in 6 seasons and if they continued for longer than that they feared they would be repeating themselves.
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This is sad news for fans of Justified. Perhaps Olyphant has grown weary of becoming a bit player in his own show. As the series has developed it seems the story is more about Boyd and Ava and the bad guy of the month. Not much room left for Marshal Givens, our hero.

Cast and crew will also be participating in a tribute to author Elmore Leonard on January 21 at the New Roads School in Santa Monica California.

Let us know in the comments what you think about Justified’s end. Is it too soon or is it time?

To read the entire Rolling Stone interview click here.

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